Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.2 Notes

By Ben Terrett, 1 year ago
The latest patch for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is rolling out March 2nd for console versions. Update 2.2 includes a couple of new features, as well as a ton of gameplay and level tweaks. To continue fighting cheating in R6: Siege, Ubisoft have added a Report Button feature that will allow players to flag suspicious behavior. In addition, Ubisoft have introduced the Kill Cam to Ranked matches with the aim of making "it harder for cheaters to hide and improve players' perception by allowing them to witness how they got killed".

There's a long list right here of all the changes in Update 2.2. One of the more interesting tweaks though, helpfully aided by some great screenshots at the link above, is an update to spawn locations to reduce spawn killing. This has meant moving spawn points behind vehicles, or adjusting physical barriers to block the line of sight. They might look like subtle changes, but could drastically change the way you approach each map.

For the entire list of changes, check out the link above. Update 2.2 rolls out on consoles tomorrow.
Credit for this story goes to Lolo Keegan
Ben Terrett
Written by Ben Terrett
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