Syfy's Defiance Lives On with Season 4 Patch

By Mark Delaney, 1 year ago
If you're among the fans of Syfy's future Earth series, Defiance, dry the tears you shed from the cancellation. The game lives on, and is continuing the story left behind when the television show was dropped.

The update, called Dark Metamorphosis, brings with it a new zone, missions, enemies, and an all-new questline. The new zone takes players out of San Francisco and to the "seaside ruins" of Monterey. The full list of new features can be seen below.

New “Dark Metamorphosis” Quest Line and Pursuits: Introducing a brand new mission line featuring two new cinematics, five new missions and new enemies packing horrific new biological weapons.

New “Monterey” Solo Instance: Players who complete the “Dark Metamorphosis” quest line will be granted access to the challenging solo “Monterey” instance, featuring the haunting ruins of Monterey.

New Harbinger enemy: A new Shrill enemy type, the Harbingers, have infested the Silicon Valley area with unspeakable horrors. Dark Metamorphosis brings a new threat from the Neo Votanis Front, a splinter group from Dark Matter that could bring about a new Pale War if left unstopped.

New Armor: Players who participate in Dark Metamorphosis have the chance to purchase the brand-new Shrill Armor Bundle, containing the Shrill Hunter outfit, vehicle, and blast rifle.

New Arkfall: Players will have access to the all-new Shrill Minor Arkfall: Invasive Species in the Silicon Valley area. These new Arkfalls will challenge novice and veteran players alike.
New screenshots of Monterey and other incoming additions were released as well.

As a reminder, the game is now free-to-play. Will you return to see where the story goes next now that it lives on?
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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