GTA Online Versus Missions Week Offers Double Rewards

By Ashley Woodcock,
The special events for "GTA Online" in Grand Theft Auto V have certainly been upped in terms of frequency so far this year. Rockstar is back at it again with another event that is live right now and lasts for a week.

Put your skills to the test against other players as double RP and double GTA$ will be on offer for those competing in any of the versus missions. In case you haven't played these missions for a while, here's a list of the missions from which players can acquire double rewards:

Acquire Targets I, II, III | Air Force Zero I, II, III, IV, V | Airport Parking | Crooked Cop | G-Rating (Cold) I, II, III, IV, V | G-Rating (Hot) I, II, III, IV, V | Hippy Hunting | Into The Wild | Roadgame | Top Fun, II, III | Truck Off | Weed Killer | Welcoming Party
GTA Online Event Screen

Also, while you're out and about in Freemode, earn double RP for simply flying under bridges and also for completing lessons at the San Andreas Flight School. Make sure that you're fully equipped, stocked on ammo, wearing the right gear and actually have a jet or helicopter to fly for the week. If you're not set up correctly, these discounts should help you out a little bit:

• 50% off Flight Suits & Flight Caps
• 25% off all Combat Helicopters
• 25% off all Private Jets
• 25% off all Automatic Rifles
• 30% off Homing Missile Launchers & Ammo
The special week-long event is live right now and will run until March 10th. Is there anybody still working on getting above the law?
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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