Battleborn Multiple Character Gameplay Videos

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
A new set of gameplay videos has emerged from the hero-filled Battleborn from developer Gearbox Software as Shane & Aurox, El Dragón and Kleese are put through their paces in some Let's Play action. Creative director Randy Varnell, hosts the co-op action with DB Sinclair in the first video showcasing Shane & Aurox's range of moves and attacks from the heroes.

The 16 year old Shane can be found travelling with her "omnidimensional horror" companion, Aurox. Together they are known as the Rogue's best brawling team. The team is to be feared when working together and will fight to the death for nobody but themselves. See them in action in the new gameplay video:

StealthShampoo teams up with DB Sinclair this time for the second video as the duo shows off El Dragón, the half-cybernetic luchador, in a Capture multiplayer match. El's real arms are no more and have been replaced with cybernetic arms after the renegade ISIC claimed his former wrestling title and his arms. Known as Francesco Drake, El Dragón used to rule the LLC's professional wrestling circuit until suffering at the hands of ISIC. He now fights for the Battleborn but is eager for a rematch against his greatest foe.

A skills overview video has also been released focusing specifically on El's moves and attacks:

Finally, we have Kleese. StealthShampoo mans the character in a Meltdown multiplayer match alongside DB Sinclair. Formerly the director of Minion Robotics, Kleese now serves as "Nova's chief science officer and mad-scientist-in-residence". Kleese is eager to test out his technology, such as his "Battle Throne".

There's also another skills overview video, this time for Kleese:

Get to grips with your preferred hero when Battleborn hits the Xbox One on May 3rd.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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