Top Down Shoot 'Em Up Blacksea Odyssey Announced

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
A new top-down space shoot 'em up could be making its way to the Xbox One as Team Blacksea Odyssey announced their game, surprisingly titled Blacksea Odyssey. Filled with violence, rogue-lite elements, boss fights, character customization options and more, the game will see players exploring dangerous, interstellar spacescapes as the hunt for space-behemoths is on.

Blacksea Odyssey Screens 01

Gathering once a decade, only the best huntsmen from around the universe come together to square off in the legendary tournament known as the Black Odyssey. Using nothing but a harpoon and rune-infused spears, the huntsmen will spill tons of blood, discover ancient treasures and a whole world of madness as they delve deeper into the black abyss. Putting their life on the line, the huntsmen compete for a shot at facing a huge and ferocious creature:

These huntsman compete for a chance to claim the ultimate glory of facing a creature of such insatiable ferocity and magnanimous size that its wingspan has been said to stretch across galaxies while its breath consumes black holes. A creature rumored to exist only in legend, the Titan of the Stars!
Here's a list of the key features in the upcoming space shooter:

Rip Apart Enemies Piece by Piece: Eviscerate enemy creatures by ripping them apart with your harpoon.
Fully Destructible Everything: Blast through fully destructible environments with your spear or harpoon.
Twitch based Action-Packed Combat: Reminiscent of classic top-down shooters mixed with modern RPG and rogue-like mechanics.
Hardcore Rogue-like Elements: Featuring permadeath, procedural levels, and incredible replayability.
Massive Bosses: Battle against colossally scaled bosses dwarfing several screen sizes.
Expansive Customization System: Forge millions of runic modifications for your spear and space-board.
The announcement trailer and screens showcase the game's visual style as well as the gamplay, different characters, enemies, combat style and more:

Blacksea Odyssey is scheduled for a spring 2016 release on PC & unspecified consoles.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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