New Physics Adventure Manual Samuel Announced

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
Publisher Curve Digital and developer Perfectly ParaNormal have come together to bring us an interesting title: Manual Samuel. Samuel, the game's main man, is just a regular guy. He works, has a woman at home, money in the bank, has good health, and all is well. Then, his health becomes void as he is knocked over and killed by a pretty large truck. This is where the story will begin.

Manual Samuel Logo

After suffering this tragic death, Samuel has a meeting with Death himself where he is offered a deal. Samuel can either live for 24 hours manually, or "have his soul tortured in hell for all eternity". The choice here is pretty obvious. The story takes place during these 24 hours and the player is tasked with taking control of Samuel who is trying to overcome the once simple tasks of his normal life. Players must help to "breathe in, breath out, move left leg, right leg, blink, work, kiss".

The game will combine scrpited events with "emergent gameplay to create an adventure unlike any other". Even though the listed tasks don't sound overly-exciting, actually operating everything manually will take practice and skill to master and players will find themselves in some very unique positions and situations.

Curve Digital's publishing director has enjoyed his experience with the game so far:

I fell in love with Manual Samuel the moment I saw it. It’s almost as much fun to watch as it is to play, brimming with unique touches, gleeful one-liners, hysterical set pieces and even song and dance numbers. I’ve not seen a game so happy to go out of its way to set up a joke – honestly, it’s impossible to play without laughing.
Perfectly ParaNormal is a small game and animation studio based in Hamar, Norway. This will be the company's first game. As you can imagine, the team are happy that Curve Digital is on board with their support. Ozan Drøsdal, writer at Perfectly ParaNormal, had this to say:

We’ve been really impressed with the enthusiasm for Manual Samuel that the team at Curve has shown. Curve’s support has enabled us to focus on creating a game that we wanted to make – and we’re excited to see the reaction to Samuel and his manual adventures once the game releases this summer. One thing is for sure – we’re all in deep faeces.
Things go from a visit to the cafe to doing a deal with Death in the two new screens:

Manual Samuel Cafe

Manual Samuel Cafe

A single piece of art has also been released as Samuel takes control of more than just his body:

Manual Samuel Art

Finally, check out the announcement trailer as the story unfolds and Samuel tries painfully to get to grips with his new way of living:

Manual Samuel will be releasing on the Xbox One this Summer.
Ashley Woodcock
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