Jump Into Kick & Fennick This Spring On Xbox One

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
Independent game publisher Abstraction Games and game developer Jaywalkers have come together to bring Xbox One players Kick & Fennick, a unique and beautiful platformer that follows the story of a young boy called Kick. Originally released last year on the PlayStation Vita, the title has received very positive reviews. It will soon be time for Xbox One players to try out the title and judge for themselves on how good this platformer is.

Kick wakes up in a world that is bright and colourful but not without its dangers. To keep him safe, Kick is equipped with a giant gun used for shooting down the threatening enemy robots and he can also use the gun to make huge jumps thanks to the weapon's strong recoil. Kick is on a mission to find the highest tower in the city as he is in need of an energy core for his helpful flying robot pal, Fennick. As a team, the duo must explore and navigate their way through 45 levels filled with "collapsed skyscrapers, treadmills, bouncypads, magnets, teleporters, and a big guard robot that is never far behind!"

Vincent Bonefaas, Co-Founder of Jaywalkers, is confident that audiences beyond the PS Vita will be impressed with what the title has to offer:

With Kick & Fennick, we tried to create a unique platforming experience. We've had fantastic reactions and can’t wait for a wider audience to be able to play through it. Platforming fans looking for a breath of fresh air in the genre should definitely check it out, and we can’t wait to hear their feedback.
Here's a list of the key features from the promising platforming title:

• Players take on the role of Kick and must use a combination of jumping and blasting to navigate all 45 levels and find their way to the Core Tower to save Fennick!

• Marvel at the brightly colored world of Kick & Fennick with inspired character design, intricate and delightfully chaotic levels, highly-detailed animations, and a cinematic camera system that dynamically follows all of the action.

• offers up challenging platforming adventures and puzzles that will keep gamers of all ages entertained. As unique as it is challenging, Kick & Fennick continues to find new ways to push your platforming skills to their absolute limit you use an oversized weapon which is both challenging to master, but gives you the ability to reach platforms and items that you would not normally be able to reach in a standard platformer. Kick and Fennick is distinctive in the way that learning the capabilities that your weapon gives you is paired well with the exceptional level design.

• is a true “smooth and easy-going” platformer – it’s challenging enough to make you feel as though you’re continually accomplishing challenges, but not to the point where you’ll throw your controller in frustration! The intricacy and difficulty of the puzzles ramps up gradually and right along with your comfort level for the game’s unique play mechanics.
There are no screens or gameplay to check out for the upcoming version, but we do have an announcement trailer at which to take a quick look to give you a rough idea of a few of the robots that you will meet in the game, as well as a brief showcasing of the main character, Kick, and his mighty gun:

Kick & Fennick will be releasing on the Xbox One later this year.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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