SMITE Achievement MAY Become Discontinued

By Rebecca Smith, 2 years ago
On March 1st, the PC version of SMITE received update 3.3. Amongst the many changes in this update, one of the game's Gods, Sol, received a bit of a nerf — her Disapparate ability no longer stuns enemies. This was done because "Sol, while still quite potent, has been performing much more in line recently, but the stun on Disapparate seemed more excess than core to Sol’s fast and slippery play style". The issue with this is that the following achievement relies on that ability:

SMITEDisapparateThe Disapparate achievement in SMITE worth 16 pointsAs Sol stun two or more enemy gods with the trail from Disapparate

This achievement is now discontinued in the Steam version of the title. If patch 3.3 makes it to the Xbox One, the above achievement may also become discontinued on this console.

This is one of those warnings where you can choose how much weight to give to it. Certainly, up until this point, the patches that have arrived on Xbox have been nearly identical to those that have arrived on PC. As these patches arrive on Xbox a month after they have arrived on PC, this should give console players until April 1st to try and get this achievement before developer Hi-Rez makes those changes. Of course, we could also find that Sol's Disapparate ability is left untouched in the Xbox version of patch 3.3 by the time that it arrives.

Will you try to get this one out of the way just in case, or will you wait and see if there are no changes to the achievement? If no changes occur, all of this fuss will have been for nothing. If patch 3.3 arrives in April and does render the achievement as discontinued, at least we tried to warn you. You can find the full PC patch notes for 3.3 here.

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