TurnOn Shines Some Light on Itself

By Damien Knox, 1 year ago
Perhaps Brainy Studios' TurnOn slipped under the radar when it was included in the rather massive rundown of ID@Xbox titles that were featured at last year's E3. Now, with the release of the title imminent, we have new screens and details to share with you.

TurnOn is described as a "colorful and detailed puzzle platformer without platforms" that centers on the adventures of a small spark named TurnOn. TurnOn is an alien spark who fell through the atmosphere, crash landing into a city's power supply. After an electric shock, TurnOn re-emerges as a rational being and becomes tasked with restoring electricity to the city he plunged into darkness. Assisting the spark is Professor Brain, a scientist who found TurnOn at the time of the accident. Together, TurnOn and Professor Brain will traverse the city using a minibus equipped with an electric generator.

TurnOn is set for a Spring 2016 release.
Damien Knox
Written by Damien Knox
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