To Azimuth Brings Problems Both Interpersonal and Intergalactic to Xbox One

By Mark Delaney, 1 year ago
Zack Sanford, head of [bracket] Games and the writer/designer behind Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition has today announced another peculiar title with an interesting premise. It's called To Azimuth, and it promises a narrative revolving around family, mental health, and the paranormal. The game previously underwent an ultimately failed crowdfunding campaign, but Sanford reignited his passion for the project immediately after Three Fourths Home was ready to release on Xbox One. Teaming up with Digerati, the project is now back on and due on Xbox in 2017.

In the adventure game To Azimuth, players will assume the roles of protagonist Eli Windham's two siblings, Susannah and Nate. Sanford says the story unfolds through both interweaving perspectives wherein the decisions of each effect the other. Intriguingly, he also said once you finish one character's side of the story, you'll be able to "share that unique experience with someone else by transferring a record of your decisions to them, letting them experience the 'other side' of your story." He also teased with the simple statement, " [a]nd there might be aliens."

With such a bizarre concept and story wrapped up in mystery, you would think a trailer might help interested gamers understand, but this "reannouncement" trailer might only serve to further confuse.

To Azimuth is headed for Xbox One next year.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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