Big Ant Studios Announces Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom

By Ashley Woodcock,
Big Ant Studios has announced their upcoming third-person action title Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom, packed with "swift-based" brawling, platforming and puzzles to solve.

Masquerade Art 1

With it's swift-based fighting, players will be able to chain together flast-flowing attacks, counters and dodges. Once you're more familiar with the controls and gameplay, chuck some hammer throws, takedowns and superpowers into the mix too as you will hopefully make easy work of the huge groups of enemies. The game will test more than just your fighting skills however, as the treacherous terrain will test your logic and reflexes.

Mark Bracken, Executive Vice President of Big Ant Studios details the game further:

Masquerade is a call back to those classic 3D action games that were all about larger-than-life characters and personalities. We wanted to deliver a game with both heavy hits and lighthearted adventure, something that’s simultaneously fun to play and fun to experience.
In terms of visuals, the game features a bright art style, "colorfully ridiculous characters", and animated cutscenes that are sure to impress and give the game its "fantasy tone and humour". Players will take control of Jaxx, whose mission is to prevent an evil Clown Army from "claiming an artifact of supreme power". This mission will take Jaxx across the Realm to save it, but shouldn't be too tough of a task for the hammer-wielding hero.

Check out a couple of pieces of art, followed by a batch of screens for a visual impression of the brawling to come:

Lastly, we have an announcement trailer that introduces us to the new fantasy world gamers can dive into next month:

Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom will be available digitally on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 on April 20th.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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