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By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
The Xbox Game Preview Program first came to the Xbox One last year and with its release, two titles were available. One of these was The Long Dark which is still enjoying its stay in the program. The title has seen many changes and fixes but after the a wave of new content hits the title, the full release will hopefully follow very soon after.

In the latest set of details, Xbox Wire goes in depth on what's changed since the game was first released in the Game Preview Program.

All together, four huge areas are ready to be explored as players can check out Coastal Highway, Desolation Point, Pleasant Valley and Timberwolf Mountain and the wilderness in each area which has been expanded "dramatically". Between these areas, small transition areas can be found containing their own secrets waiting to be discovered. Xbox Wire gives a quick example with the Mystery Lake's adjoining Ravine area that's been extended and now connects directly to the Coastal Highway.

If you want to save your legs and just dive straight into a preferred area, the option to do this will be available as players can carry multiple saves and "begin each new expedition in a different area". You will also be informed as to how challenging each area will be.

The Long Dark Screens 01

The gameplay has also seen some changes with plenty of new gameplay elements. One of these is the ability to scale cliff faces using the new rope-climbing mechanic. Got yourself sharp tools like knives or axes? Well, to make the game more realistic, these types of tools will need sharpening. Whetstones are used to sharpen tools so be sure to keep them in mind when exploring. Crafting tools is also an option. Visit a workbench and use a hammer and a hot fire to forge metal tools.

The interface element have been improved to display the character's status. An example of this is when a player is overburdened, a weight icon appears in the corner of the screen. Another example, if a character is protected from the wind, an icon appears of a shield blocking wind.

When injured, players will now be able to see physical ailments that will now be communicated via a full-body program. This allows the player to take a quick look and see the location and severity of an injury.

The Long Dark Screens 2

Lastly, an in-depth stats screen has been added showcasing features such as the "percentage of the world explored, number of fires started, and distance travelled".

Plans have been confirmed for a long-awaited story mode to come with the game's full release. Here's the details from Xbox Wire:

Through four to five episodes, the game will tell the stories of a pilot named Will Mackenzie and a doctor named Astrid Greenwood, both trying to survive in the aftermath of a civilization-ending event. Though Story mode will feature some of the same areas (and some of the same gameplay elements) as the current Sandbox mode, it will add entirely new features and entirely new areas exclusive to the mode. And in a move sure to bring about more than a few sighs of relief, Story mode will eschew the Sandbox’s permadeath system for a progress-based save system.
The Long Dark is set for a release this spring. The game is still currently available in its preview form and can be checked out for an hour for free or purchased for a price lower than its eventual full release price.
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