Why Japanese Developers Are Using Kinect

By Rebecca Smith, 8 years ago
To celebrate tomorrow’s release of Kinect in Japan, Famitsu interviewed several Japanese developers about the reasons why they are using Kinect and some even explained how they hope to implement it. In case you can't understand Japanese, here is a summary of a few of the responses:

Yukio Futatsugi, Grounding Inc

Futatsugi is currently working on Project Draco, having previously directed Panzer Dragoon and Phantom Dust. Futatsugi said that Grounding are using Kinect to allow gamers to become more involved when controlling their dragons. He enthused: "Don't you want to be able to actually experience the feeling of communicating with a dragon and riding it into battle? I do."

The game will enable you to communicate with your dragon as you raise it and nurture its skills. The more skills that you teach to your dragon, the deeper your bond with the creature becomes. You will be able to fly alongside your friends and their dragons in the multiplayer mode.

Futatsugi and his staff are aware of the problems that gamers may face when using Kinect for lengthy periods of time though. Futatsugi said that Project Draco is not going to be a party type game where everyone only uses it for brief periods, but it is instead "the type of game into which players sink their teeth". Grounding are being careful over the length of each map and the frequency of enemy attacks, where the action will become more frenetic. As a result, they're trying to prevent players from becoming tired but will still be delivering a control scheme that delivers a direct feel of movement.

A couple of screenshots were also released for the game:

External image

External image

Suda 51, Grasshopper Manufacturer

Suda 51 is currently working on Codename D. He considers Kinect to be a tool for "free gaming":

"For the player, freedom of hands has the meaning of greater freedom and openness. It's a no gun, no sword action game. It's a game that will let you experience the invigorating feel that can be had because of Kinect. [It's] a game design that reduces burden."
Not many details are known about Codename D. The action game is set in an amusement park, where the gamer uses Kinect to "become the controller" and confront the strange creatures roaming within it.

A couple of screenshots were also released for this game as well:

External image

External image

Masaya Matsura, Nanaonshua

Matsura is currently working on Haunt, having previously created Parappa the Rapper. He believes that Kinect "is a major step in the history of game systems". He also joked that event organizers will no longer have to sterilize controllers at game events as a bird flu prevention tactic.

Nanaonshua are using Kinect because it enables their game to "be played by a wide range of people. In addition to the enjoyment of the game play, you can also look forward to the quality of the visuals and music."

There haven't been too many details released about Haunt, although it appears that players will have to explore a haunted mansion, dealing with traps and ghosts.

In the spirit of the article, have a screenshot:

External image

All of the games are currently scheduled to be released in 2011.
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