Survival Horror 2Dark Announced for Xbox One

By Keith Gray, 1 year ago
New development studio Gloomywood has announced that 2Dark will be releasing on Xbox One later this year. The action-adventure survival horror title, which has been masterminded by studio head Frédérick Raynal, of Alone in the Dark fame, promises to blend dark and light environments using new technology whilst also combining 2D top-down level design with 3D characters.

2Dark centres around an unusual background story, coupled with an atmospheric score, whereby the main character Mr Smith is tasked with rescuing 10 children from the clutches of several serial killers as you move through "dark and seedy" levels and hope to make your escape.

Originally planned to arrive on PC and Mac platforms, 2Dark has had so much community support that the development team is working on bringing the title to consoles too. Frédérick Raynal made the following comments recently when discussing the upcoming game and the things that have influenced their decision-making:

Ever since Alone in the Dark, I‘m following the evolution of survival horror. With 2Dark I wanted to break with the genre’s traditions so I thought, what is more frightening than risking your own life? Risking the life of your children of course. Although we initially planned to release the game solely on PC and Mac, thanks to the outpouring of community support and enthusiasm...
Raynal has also featured in a video interview recently, discussing many aspects of 2Dark.

2Dark is planned for release in "2016". We will provide more specific release information when we can.
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