Battleborn Unloads Tons of New Info

By Mark Delaney, 1 year ago
Gearbox's next foray into crazy characters and outlandish weapons is Battleborn. Those of you who are eager to play will be happy to know the game has gone gold and a beta is on the way. It looks like one delay was enough, as the game will arrive on May 3rd. With that news today comes an in-depth look at the game's Incursion Mode, a capture the flag-esque game that demands participants balance offensive and defensive maneuvering.

A developer organized Let's Play video of that new game mode was released today, along with three new character previews including Miko, Marquis, and Phoebe.

Battleborn’s Incursion Mode drops you into the middle of a war zone, playing equal parts offense and defense. Get ready to take down some Sentries!

Objective - The goal is pretty simple: March your minions into enemy territory, make your way to their two Sentry bots – then destroy ‘em. Getting there is the tricky part.

Standing in your way: The other team is aiming to do the same exact thing. So the game quickly becomes a balancing act of defending your turf and escorting waves of minions on the assault.
For a whole lot more about this newly revealed game mode, check out Gearbox's blog where they offer plenty of tips to help you hit the ground of Battleborn's colorful world running.

If you haven't yet had your fix of the game's many over-the-top characters, here are the newest previews for a trio of them.

Additionally, because the game has now gone gold, Gearbox is starting to look ahead at how they'll support the game after its May release date. For starters, they've revealed that the game will receive numerous free updates as well as paid DLC. The free updates will include five new characters over time, as well as new maps, modes, and any game tweaks needed. The five free add-on characters will bring the game's total to 30 different heroes. There will also be five paid add-ons, each of them sold for $4.99 and including "one new Story Operation, as well as exclusive hero skins and taunts."

The five paid add-ons can be bought separately or as a season pass for the buy-four-get-one-free price of $19.99. They also announced to (or forewarned) fans the inclusion of microtransactions for cosmetic skins and taunts that will be on sale in the game. They stress that these have no effect on gameplay and are solely there as customization options.

Lastly, a beta has been announced as "coming soon", so keep a lookout for the solid release date of its arrival. As stated, Battleborn is well on track for its May 3rd release on Xbox One.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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