Digital Smash Announce ToyQuest: The Lost and The Found

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
A new action platformer is making its way to the Xbox One courtesy of indie game publisher Digital Smash, who is teaming up with PC developer Hiker Games. Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found sees players taking on the role of an action figure called Brand who is on a mission to save his owner, Felix, from "impending darkness". Powerful nightmares are about to take over and Brand must arm himself with common household items to solve the house's mysteries and save the day.

ToyQuest Logo

This will be Digital Smash's console debut. The team's President, David Klein, sells the fun to be had in this statement:

ToyQuest takes some of the most recognizable elements from our childhood and uses them in a colorful and unique way. It’s a charming game and one that’s very much suited to the living room to be enjoyed by all types of players.
Nguyen Vu Phuong, Team Lead for Hiker Games, is very joyful with the new partnership:

We are super excited to be partnering with Digital Smash. Bringing ToyQuest to additional platforms that will definite the next generation of children growing up with toys and video games. We are also especially proud that we will be working with Digital Smash- their commitment to the project and enthusiasm, proves that console versions of ToyQuest are in good hands.
There are over 300 enemy toys that are included in the game; these include a tank, paper crane, and soldiers who come with fatigues and weapons. Hundreds of weapon and item upgrades will be at your disposal as well as procedurally-generated levels, and seven boss stages that are dubbed "horrific".

The game will be faithful to 8-bit and 16-bit platformers but will come with a "base defense" twist. While you take Brand on his skirmish across the different parts of the house, the bedroom is left unprotected and open to the enemy. Players will need to find and use proper materials to establish defenses in the bedroom that can prevent it from being overun by darkness and nightmares.

Phuong Vu, founder of Hiker Games, goes into detail on the nightmares that players will have while trying to save the house:

ToyQuest: The Lost and Found takes the scary dreams we all had to deal with as kids and turns them into a fluid, imaginative platformer with roguelike elements. It plays like many of the games we enjoyed growing up, but with beautiful graphics and sound.
To wrap up the details, here's a short list of the key features to come:

• Endless replayability with procedural level generation.
• Incredibly detailed art reminiscent of classic 8-bit and 16-bit platformers.
• Hundreds of weapon and item upgrades.
• More than 300 types of enemies.
• Seven terrifying boss stages.
• Defense gameplay mechanics: Protect the bedroom at all costs!
Take a look at a single screen for the visual style that the game will present:

ToyQuest Screen

ToyQuest: The Lost and The Found looks to bring nightmares to your Xbox One this summer.
Ashley Woodcock
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