DOOM Details Multiplayer Modes

By Devin McIntyre, 1 year ago
Publisher Bethesda has shared some details on the different modes that we can expect in the DOOM multiplayer. The game will have six different modes from which players can choose, ranging from your classic multiplayer modes for first person shooters to some new unique twists that will keep the multiplayer experience fresh.

The first mode is Soul Harvest. Soul Harvest is similar to team deathmatch. However, instead of gaining points simply by racking up kills, players must collect the souls of their fallen foes in order to gain points. Furthermore, there is a demon rune that appears once the first player is killed, this rune will give someone a demon power-up that has no time limit, and any kills by the demon will cause two souls to drop as opposed to just one. Once the demon is slain, they will drop a total of five souls, giving someone the opportunity to collect them and become the demon themselves.

Next up is Freeze Tag. This mode will be familiar to those of you who played the real world equivalent. Instead of getting kills, when enough damage is dealt to an enemy then they will freeze in place, but will be able to slide around if they are shot or hit by someone else. In order to become unfrozen, an ally must either stand near you for a certain amount of time, or alternatively you can knock your frozen friends into death hazards, causing them to shatter and then respawn. In order to win this game mode, you must either freeze an entire enemy team, or have the most active players when the time limit runs out.

The third game mode that was detailed is Warpath. Warpath is similar to your classic King of the Hill game modes, but with a capture point that continues to move around the map on a clearly marked pathway. Additionally, there will be a demon rune marching along on the opposite side of the path from the capture point. The mobile point makes capturing the objective rather difficult as the path tends to travel over top of deadly hazards from time to time. As with classic king of the hill matches, the point gets captured quicker if there are more teammates present in the objective.

The final three modes are all classic game modes that are present in most first person shooters. There is Domination, Team Deathmatch and Clan Arena. Domination will have three static control points that teams try and capture. During the match there will be a demon rune that will spawn randomly throughout the map, giving whoever controls it an advantage by being a more powerful soldier.

Team Deathmatch is a simple game of kill your enemy without dying yourself. You will be able to customize your loadout and your marine, and this game mode will also feature a demon rune to help one lucky solider by making them more powerful.

Finally, Clan Arena is a game where you have one life and no pickups. This is the only game mode without a demon rune and there will be no way to regenerate your health or armour. Since there are no respawns, victory is achieved when one team is taken out completely. The last team standing wins.

To get a better feel for what to expect in the DOOM multiplayer, Bethesda released a trailer showing off snippets from each game mode:

DOOM is set to release for the Xbox One on May 13th.
Devin McIntyre
Written by Devin McIntyre
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