MXGP2 Real Events Game Mode Lets You Re-write History

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
A new game mode has been introduced in MXGP2 - The Official Motocross Videogame as developer Milestone has released a new video showcasing the Real Events game mode that will be included in the title. Players will have the opportunity to race in 19 real events, 18 of which will be for GP and one for MXoN.

MXGP Events
Track: Qatar - Loasail
Rider: Ryan Villopoto
Villopoto decides to sign up for the championship to challenge the eight-time champion, Cairoli, and all eyes are on him. As soon as the gate goes down, his bike doesn't start, leaving him with catching up to do. Change the outcome of the race and cross the finish line before Cairoli.

Back in the race
Track: Thailand - Nakhonchaisri
Rider: Antonio Cairoli
Nagl goes long in the first corner of the first race and crashes with Cairoli. The Italian finds himself in eleventh position but he manages to comeback and finish fifth. Copy Cairoli and pass your opponents.

Three's a crowd
Track: Argentina - Neuquen
Rider: Maximilian Nagl
The battle for the first position sees Nagl, Desalle and Cairoli battling side-by-side. Play as Nagl and finish in front of his two opponents.

Full gas
Track: Trentino - Arco di Trento
Rider: Ryan Villopoto
Villopoto is fighting for the second position with Cairoli and Desalle until he crashes. Change the outcome of the race by recovering from the crash and finishing first.

Track: Spain - Talavera de la Reina
Rider: Romain Febvre
Febvre is in the lead but Cairoli is right behind him. Suddenly, Febvre's bike stalls and Cairoli overtakes him, leaving him in his dust. Change the outcome of the race: catch up with him and regain the first place!

Home Crowd
Track: France - Villars sous Ecot
Rider: Romain Febvre
Febvre wants to win in front of his home crowd, but Cairoli is first with a comfortable advantage. Change the outcome of the race and help Febvre to cross the finish line before Cairoli.

David and Goliath
Track: Italy - Maggiora
Rider: David Philippaerts
Philippaerts is racing in front of his home crowd, there's nothing that helps him more than to push his Yamaha to the max. Change the outcome of the race, resist Febvre's attacks and win.

French Mastiff
Track: Germany - Teutschenthal
Rider: Romain Febvre
Febvre doesn't start so well and finds himself in fifth place, but he's racing for the title and is not going to give up. Copy him starting fifth and moving up at least to second.

Against all odds
Track: Sweden - Uddevalla
Rider: Romain Febvre
Febvre and Strijbos are fighting for the first position, but Febvre's bike stalls and Strijbos gains two seconds. Copy Febvre, close the gap and win the race.

Grit your teeth
Track: Latvia - Kegums
Rider: Antonio Cairoli
Cairoli is suffering with the injury he picked up in Maggiora, but that's not stopping him from fighting. The race is a continuous battle between him, Paulin and Coldenhoff. Change the outcome of the race, help Cairoli to cross the finish line first.

I'm not going anywhere
Track: Czech Rep. - Loket
Rider: Clement Desalle
Desalle returns to action after a period of recovery and he is ready to race. He manages to take the lead for a few laps but Febvre, who is the championship leader, overtakes him. Change the outcome of the race, don't let Febvre overtake you and win the race.

Nothing official
Track: Belgium - Lommel
Rider: Shaun Simpson
Shaun Simpson is on fire in Belgium and manages to finish first in front of all the factory bikes. Copy Simpson, overtake Paulin halfway through the race and stay in the lead.

First class
Track: Lombardia - Mantova
Rider: Romain Febvre
Febvre is inches away from the MXGP World Title and intends to win it. He recovers from a bad start, which sees him in fifth place, and manages to finish first. Copy him, start from fifth and win the race.

World champion
Track: Netherlands - Assen
Rider: Romain Febvre
Febvre only needs to gain five points over Paulin to mathematically become world champion two races from the end of the season. When he crosses the finish line, the wait seems eternal... but Paulin is fourth and Febvre is the champion. Copy him and win the championship.

Rapid recovery
Track: USA - Glen Helen
Rider: Antonio Cairoli
Cairoli is finally back on the bike after his injury at Maggiora and is slowly recovering. The public wants to see him hard at it, and he's not planning to disappoint anyone, so he overtakes Febvre and Bobryshev for the first position. Copy Cairoli and stay in the lead until the end of the race.
MX2 Events
Crash and recover
Track: Europe - Valkenswaard
Rider: Jeffrey Herlings
Herlings crashes on the second lap, but he manages to recover and finish in eighth position, but that's not enough, and in two laps he is already second! Copy Herlings and overtake six opponents in two laps.

Track: Great Britain - Matterley Basin
Rider: Jeffrey Herlings
Anstie and Guillod are fighting for the first place when Herlings catches them by surprise and takes the lead. Copy Herlings: take advantage of the duel to overtake them.

Unlucky holeshot
Track: Mexico - Leon
Rider: Pauls Jonass
Jonass can already smell the world championship, but falls badly during a holeshot. When he starts to recover positions, a second fall takes him to the bottom of the classification. Change the outcome of the race, make the podium after the first fall.
MX2 (MXoN) Events
Being great isn't enough
Track: France - Erneee
Rider: Marvin Musquin
Everyone is curious to see who will fight it out for first place at the Motocross of Nations: Musquin, on his MX2, is fighting Barcia on a more powerful MXGP. Unfortunately, Musquin's crash gives Barcia an advantage. Change the outcome of the race and help Musquin to cross the finish line before Barcia.
Take a look at the trailer and see if any of the key moments from the 2015 edition of the Championship give your memory a work out:

MXGP2 will be launching in North America on June 7th and Europe on April 8th.
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