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By Jack Watling, 1 year ago
If you've ever posted on the site before you probably know it can sometimes be a little tedious to format text using tool bar buttons - this is a subtle update (so much so that it's been live for over a week already), but aims to make things more user friendly for you.

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Firstly, we've improved the way the tool bar buttons insert tags. If the text area is in focus and you click one of the buttons it'll insert the correct tags and automatically place your text cursor between them. If you have text selected in the text area then it'll instead wrap the text with the correct tags and place your cursor directly after the closing tag.

Secondly, we've added some nifty keyboard shortcuts so you don't even need to click the buttons. Just hold the alt key and press the relevant letter and it'll insert the tags as already described. The current list of shortcuts is as follows (these are case insensitive):
- Alt + B: Insert a pair of bold tags
- Alt + U: Insert a pair of underline tags
- Alt + I: Insert a pair of italic tags
- Alt + S: Insert a pair of spoiler tags
Lastly, we've added hover text to each of the format buttons so you can easily see what they do and also added a new "Q" button to insert in a pair of quote tags (this one has a keyboard shortcut too).

Hopefully this will make posting a little easier!

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Jack Watling
Written by Jack Watling
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