TA Game of the Year

By Cee Jay, 8 years ago
Hey TA'ers!

There's only a few weeks left of 2010, and that can only mean one thing: it's time for the First Official TA Game of the Year Awards!

The staff have been hard at work lately whittling down the nominees, but it's now time for the Community to make their votes. There's been a lot of deliberation, tabulation and other important -ations in preparation for this, with the site's staff all voting on their favourite 2010 releases in specified categories, narrowing down the choice to seven games for each category.

We'll be running five-day polls over the next few weeks, giving every site user the chance to vote for games in the following categories (based on the site's game genres):

• Action/Adventure
• Music/Family
• Shooter
• Sports/Simulation/Racing
• Xbox Live Arcade Game

The winners will then enter a final poll to decide the overall Game of the Year Award winner, as decided by the TA community at large.

Up first Game Of The Year 2010: RPG

So get voting everyone!
Cee Jay
Written by Cee Jay
Admin, Moderation Manager and longest serving staff member, also a member of the Community and Events Team and host of the annual Game of the Year Awards. Likes RPG's and good stories, hates anything multiplayer.