DOOM Multiplayer Power-Ups Revealed

By Devin McIntyre, 1 year ago
As we inch closer to the release date of DOOM, Bethesda continues to release more information regarding the game's multiplayer. First they showcased the maps you'll be fighting on, followed the the game modes themselves. Now details have been revealed on some of the unique power-ups and special weapons you will have access to in the DOOM multiplayer.

Each multiplayer mode, except for Clan Arena, will feature demon runes that can turn the player that picked it up into a powerful demon. There are four different demons that you can become, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The first demon is the super strong Baron of Hell, next is the quick and agile Revenant, followed by the stealthy yet deadly Prowler and finally, the portly powerhouse, the Mancubus. Each demon is discussed in detail below:

Baron of Hell

When you need to overpower other players, the Baron of Hell’s brute strength is unmatched. The Baron is perfect for those who want to rush right into the fray, dishing out the pain with vicious melee attacks and brutal Glory Kills. And if you ever find yourself surrounded as a Baron? Use your ground pound to damage a group of foes.

While the Baron of Hell is formidable, he’s not flawless. If you find yourself facing a Baron, it’s best to stand back and aim for its head or spine.


With its speed and agility, the Revenant is all about outmaneuvering its foes and then overwhelming them with its deadly dual missile launchers. While the Revenant can’t glide through an entire map, it can fly for short periods thanks to its jetpack, allowing it to leap over gaps, hover past hazards and deal damage from above the fray – making its explosive missiles even more powerful thanks to any potential splash damage.

Revenants are relatively weak for a demon, so players can quickly chip away at their health. A shot to the Revenant’s energy core will also deal big damage and temporarily disable its jetpack.


Just like its name suggests, this multiplayer-exclusive demon is great for tactical players who like to lurk in the shadows and ambush enemies before retreating back to safety. The Prowler can leap to most surfaces, jumping from high-point to high-point, getting into position and waiting for the right moment to ambush an unsuspecting foe. Capable of killing a marine in a single blow, the Prowler can see enemies even through walls, allowing it to set up its attacks and execute its kills with deadly precision.

With low health and no ranged attacks, the Prowler is most vulnerable when it’s on the ground surrounded by foes.


As slow and shambling as it looks, the Mancubus is a portly powerhouse who can crush its foes with its long-range rockets while soaking up damage thanks to its high health. Its rocket barrage isn’t the most accurate – but when you want to clear out an area, these arcing explosive shots can do the job like nothing else. The Mancubus also has a powerful, short-range area-of-effect venting attack that builds up from the heat generated when he fires his rockets; if he doesn’t vent, he risks overheating – but when he does vent, the Mancubus can destroy anyone foolish enough to get too close.

The only chance of surviving when a Mancubus is in play: Keep your distance and pepper this demon from the sides and back. Or, if you have a clear shot, aim right for the Mancubus’ chest cavity for a big blow.
Along with the reveal of the demons, the information of three Power Weapons was outlined by Bethesda as well. These classic weapons can be picked up around the map, but are only available for a limited time. These three weapons are the Gauss Cannon, a fast and extremly accurate weapon that can blast through multiple enemies at a time, the Chainsaw, for when you want to get up close and personal while you tear through your opponents limbs, and finally, everyone's favourite, the BFG 9000, a charged weapon that obliterates anything in its path. These three weapons are sure to be contested in each game you enter, as they will give its wielder an edge on any opponent.

The final thing that was detailed were the power-ups that will be scattered about the maps, giving the recipient a tactile advantage. These power-ups will be placed in high traffic areas, meaning running to make the pick-up will be a risk. The four power ups are: Invisibility, making you almost completely transparent, Haste, which will increase movement speed and rate of fire, Regeneration, which speeds up the regeneration of both health and shields, and finally, Quad Damage, simply increasing the damage from everything in your arsenal.

Some of these in game upgrades are shown off in the following trailer:

DOOM is scheduled to release for the Xbox One on May 13th.
Devin McIntyre
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