Homefront: The Revolution Details and Trailer

By Joseph C, 1 year ago
When it comes to swag, Homefront: The Revolution's recent announcement of the Goliath Edition probably excited those that like remote-controlled vehicles and games, and want both in the same place. Today, we have more details and another trailer for the upcoming shooter by Dambuster Studios.

You'll take the part of a resistance fighter, using guerrilla warfare in the streets and buildings of Philadelphia, to try to turn the tide against the superior manpower and weaponry of the KPA. Population centers, aka Yellow Zones, will provide opportunities to ambush KPA soldiers and disappear into the hustle and bustle, while the (presumably) evacuated Red Zones will be the grounds for more up-front assaults against the KPA's might.

· Modify your weapons to suit any situation. Add silencers, muzzle breaks, scopes and grips of varying utility to suit the task at hand.
· Convert your weapons for on-the-fly utility. Pistol to machine gun, assault rifle to mine launcher, the possibilities are vast.
· Use your guerrilla toolkit and the terrain to turn open-world combat into your tactical playground. Ambush and distraction will often suit you better than a guns-blazing assault.
Check out the trailer below to see the game in action, and get some details on the different editions you can preorder.

Homefront: Revolution is set for release May 20th on Xbox One.
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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