Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Review

By Megan Walton, 1 year ago
There are few things that can’t be improved with robots. With this in mind, say hello to Fallout 4's first DLC pack, "Automatron". After the success of the original game, DLC was inevitable and had been previously revealed along with a season pass. "Automatron" sees a new quest line added to the game, as well as the ability to create and customise your own robot companions.

Automatron, get ready for the robotsAutomatron, get ready for the robots

Once you have bought and downloaded the DLC, you will be prompted in-game to listen to a distress call from a nearby caravan that is being attacked by rogue robots. This starts the quest “Mechanical Menace”, so there's no struggling to try and trigger the start of the DLC or looking for an area where you need to go to get the quest to appear. Once you’ve found the caravan, you’ll be thrown straight into fighting the robots and you should have little problem taking them down. Unfortunately there will be casualties during this firefight, and you’ll be encouraged to speak to Ada, the robot companion of the family that owned the caravan.

After a chat with Ada, you’ll be a little more informed about what’s going on. She tells you the family have been attacked many times before because of her, and that she isn’t your everyday run of the mill robot. She also tells you that she thinks she knows who has been attacking them; The Mechanist. For most of the DLC, this person will be an unknown enemy to you that you’ll be trying to get to with Ada to stop them and exact revenge on Ada’s behalf. For the first piece of DLC, this new quest line feels disappointingly short and you will quite probably be done with it in a couple of hours max. The story itself is interesting enough to will you to play through the few quests you are given, but even if you paced yourself you would still be finished with everything story related in a few hours. You’ll be spending most of your time fighting through various hoards of robots, which is nothing to complain about but you might find yourself getting a little overwhelmed at times. This is all before the quest line concludes in a big fight against wave after wave of robots. The end is satisfying, and you even have the choice of what to do at the end of the quest line, basically being given the choice to end things with or without violence. This choice mirrors the rest of the game where you can choose to be violent or talk things through, and it’s nice to see this continuing theme through the DLC.

Besides this extra quest line, the other main addition this DLC gives you is the ability to create and modify your own robot companions. After the earlier chat with Ada, she will give you the schematic for a robot workshop table to create in one of your settlements, so you don’t need to go through much of the quest to be able to unlock this. Once you have built one of these, you have the ability to create a brand new robot from scratch, or make some modifications to existing robots such as Ada. With the option to change every body part, from heads and arms to bodies and legs, there is an endless amount of opportunity to create some really interesting and exciting unique robots here. Whilst you will need a fair amount of materials, and possibly some upgrades to certain perks, you can have a lot of fun building yourself some new friends and bodyguards, that could be anything from headless giants to harmless looking robots with deadly lasers coming out of their hands. You can even change the colour of the robots too, so you’d be forgiven for spending more time creating and modifying robots than actually completing the quest line.

While the DLC doesn’t add any exciting new cities or islands to which you can travel, it works well with the already established map, and takes you around about the areas you already know but may not have explored thoroughly. There are new buildings to visit that fit in with the usual decrepit look we have come to expect from our post-apocalyptic world and in them you’ll come across - you guessed it - more robots. You’ll be facing robots of all sorts of shapes and sizes, as well as some mini-bosses which will prove harder to take down. These quarrels help to break up fighting the smaller robots, an often reused element that ends up getting trivial after a while. In between the fighting and the fetching of items, there’s not a lot else to do in this quest line. The robots you fight do help you in one extra way though, as looting them after they die may result in you finding a new robotic body part that you can then put on one of your own creations. This means looting is a must if you want to hope to find some rare and unique items for your new robotic companions.

In terms of achievements, there are a fairly simple extra five for you to unlock to earn you an extra 100 G for the game. None of them will take a lot of time, and all five of them are worth an equal 20 G. Your first achievement will unlock after completing the first new quest mission , then there are another two that will unlock on the way to finishing the quest line and when you have completely finished it. The last two achievements are earned by building 10 robot mods on your own workshop, and then for unlocking 10 robots mods, which you do by finding them on destroyed robots. There’s nothing here that should pose you any problem, as there are plenty of mods to build and find, and completing the quests should be a fairly quick and easy venture as well.


Whilst there’s nothing here in this DLC that will wow you, the quest line will keep you busy for a couple of hours at least and being able to build and customise your own robots to your heart's content is a nice addition. Unfortunately, with no really exciting new place to explore or a long quest line that will have you travelling all across the map, there’s a slight feeling of disappointment here. "Automatron" is a good starting point for the Fallout 4 DLC, but you would hope that the upcoming add-on will have a little more to offer.
3.5 / 5
  • Interesting quest line with exciting conclusion
  • Ability to build and customise your own robots
  • Time spent on new quests will be fairly short
  • No new areas to explore
Ethics Statement
The reviewer spent approximately 3 hours battling robots, picking up the pieces of broken robots, and subsequently building robots while unlocking all of the DLCs achievements along the way. A download code for the DLC was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.
Megan Walton
Written by Megan Walton
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