Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Details and New Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock, 3 years ago
Like many other titles in the ID@Xbox Program, Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered, showed up at last year's E3 event, then went silent for the rest of the year. With the game's release rapidly approaching, and the title already available to pre order, new details have emerged along with a new trailer.

The adorable grim reapers, Grimm and Rose, need your help to defeat a legion of monsters, ghosts, and evil bunnies. Players will aid the reapers by using the power of words. Spell words out to earn gems and in turn, use these gems to buy upgrades, books, special items, potions, and a lot more.

You'll need to step your vocabulary game up when it comes to taking on the game's 40 stages. If you're a natural with words, you can try out expert mode and go all the way with the "ultra-challenging crystal star challenges". Endless mode will truly test those who think they are clever enough. However, if like me, you're not overly familiar with big words, upgrades and items will be available to make life a little bit easier.

Complete quests for extra gems; equip some books to give you a boost; switch up your weapons to give you the edge that you need; purchase upgrades to show those monsters who’s boss. Letter Quest can be played however you want!
There will be four different ways to complete each stage. Completing a stage in each way will reward you with a star. Defeat all the monsters, reach the end of the stage and the first star is yours.

The second star is a time trial star:

The second star is a time trial star; all monsters must be defeated before the time limit runs out. We didn’t want players to feel too stressed about the time trial stars, so we made sure that the times were fair, and we also added an optional book that can be equipped partway through the game, which increases the time limits significantly for players who don’t want to worry about having to spell quickly.
The third one is a challenge star. Each stage will include a unique challenge that must be completed to obtain the third star. Here's some examples of the challenges:

Completing the stage using a limited number of words or letters.
Completing the stage with monsters that having two to three times more health than usual.
All vowels are removed from the board, except for one (for example, the only vowel is the letter “E”).
All monsters have a special power, such as the ability to create stone tiles.
Lastly, the final star is a crystal star. This one is awarded only after the first three stars have been earned in a stage. The crystal star will offer a more challenging and difficult version of each stage. Enemies will have more health, dish out more damage, and be adjusted and tweaked in many other ways. These challenge versions will be extremely tough to beat and players may need to return to these once their character has become much stronger. Here's an example of the sheer power you may face:

One example is an enemy that has very high health and damage, but takes three times more damage from words that are six letters or longer. Or you might face an enemy that takes no damage from words containing any letters from the top row of the board. We had a lot of fun designing these challenges, and we hope that you enjoy playing them!
30 different monsters will be out to ruin your word skills. The monsters wont come across as just simple monsters or ghosts as Bacon Bandit look to present plenty of personality with their enemies:

You’ll find yourself facing off against ghosts such as Dr. Phantasm, who claims to have received a doctorate in Spectrology from Harvard (we think he might be lying!). Or you might run across the fearsome Dust Bunny – a furry white rabbit with a large chip on his shoulder, due to the unfortunate name that his parents bestowed upon him.
Take a look at the word-filled battles to come in this new trailer:

With over 195,000 words to choose from, players can check out Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey on April 8th on Xbox One.

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