More Details And Trailer For Mirror's Edge Catalyst

By Joseph C, 1 year ago
A few weeks ago, we got a nice look at some of the polish being put on Mirror's Edge Catalyst's movement and combat, showcasing some of the new moves and gear available to Faith that weren't in the original. Continuing to keep fans engaged, Dice has released an enemy breakdown with screenshots, detailing the enemy types you'll face as you free-run through the streets and edifices of the city of Glass. They've also released another dev diary video detailing more about the game's design decisions, including the addition of dynamic time of day. Let's introduce the enemies first.

Meet the Guardian.  No, not THOSE Guardians.Meet the Guardian. No, not THOSE Guardians.

Guardians will be the run-of-the-mill enemy you'll face, the Goombas, if you will. These shouldn't pose much of a challenged for experienced runners.

Protectors take things a step further.Protectors take things a step further.

The Protector class enemy steps things up a notch, with greater damage resistance and more likelihood to counter attacks if you don't mix things up.

Shock Protectors are the riot-stoppers.Shock Protectors are the riot-stoppers.

Shock Protectors are essentially beefed up Protectors, with tougher armor meaning more damage resilience, and training in riot control, to include the use of the Kinetic Pacifier weapon for quelling large crowds of unruly employs. You'll need to maintain your parkour momentum and use its force to attack these guys, shifting in and out of combat, as a direct assault will be unlikely to succeed.

Tactics and ranged combat are the Enforcers' specialty.Tactics and ranged combat are the Enforcers' specialty.

Enforcers will pose quite a threat when at range, but have little close-quarters-combat training. You'll want to close on them quickly to take advantage of this weakness, as well as their unwillingness to fire at someone when their friendlies are nearby.

The Sentinel is the elite among enemy forces.The Sentinel is the elite among enemy forces.

The best of the best, these guys are tough, fast, and lethal. Again, maintaining momentum from parkour in order to attack is ideal versus Sentinels, with aerial attacks being your best bet. Keep the Switch Place move at the ready when fighting Sentinels.

As for the dev diary, we learn more about the design behind the game. Faith awakens and is released back into the city after a two-year stint in prison. The KrugerSec (the authority) is up against a rebel movement called Black November. The runners have been neutral up to now, but the events Faith set into motion will cause the runners to take sides.

Her city, the city of Glass, is meant to evoke connection by including elements we can recognize from our own lives. Fans of the original will feel familiarity with the downtown area, with its girders and pipes for traversal. New glossy, reflective areas have been added as you venture out of downtown to give a distinct change in tone as you progress through the game. Adding to the change, dynamic day/night cycles have been added as well. While there's a lot more to see than the stark, mostly-white nature of the original game, it retains the clean, clutter-free aesthetic relatively unique to the series. Check out the video below to see for yourself.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is planned for a May 24th release on Xbox One.
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