Ultimate Head to Head Period Two Summary

By Jack Watling, 1 year ago
Two weeks ago we kicked off the inaugural Ultimate Head to Head Contest, which pits you and a random opponent against each other to earn as many achievements as possible from a common list of 20.

Following on from the Ultimate Head to Head Period One Summary, we're back with some more statistics from the second period.

Round Up 2

With hundreds of potential games in the contest, we were interested in which ones featured the most. This week the mix of games was slightly different, with six Xbox 360 titles and four Xbox One titles. Hexic HD took the top spot again 114 chosen achievements!

With Hexic HD in the top spot on the previous graph, it was guaranteed to appear on this one too. Surprisingly, just like last week, it took six of the top 10 most chosen achievements!

This week the A Pirate's Life For Me achievement in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag managed to knock Hexic HD from it's top spot, with a total of 16 unlocks.

With 4,160 different achievements up for grabs, here's a look at the spread of ratios between them. There were nearly 4,000 in the 1.0 to 1.5 range and just 323 with a ratio of 5.0 or more.

From a total of 832 gamers, there were a dedicated 20 who managed to earn all 20 of their randomly assigned achievements, which is a pretty impressive feat!

From a total of 832 gamers we had 86 gamers that didn't managed to unlock any achievements from their UHH achievement list at all.

Proving how much you seem to be enjoying the competitive nature of the contest, we only had 82 uncontested matches this week compared to 322 last period, and we expect that number to drop considerably again next week as we continue to reduce the field!

In the second period 419 gamers were eliminated. 415 gamers triumphed (with one gamer given a bye) and moved on to the currently running third period.

If you want to discuss any aspects of the contest, feel free to jump over to the Ultimate Head to Head 2016 - Discussion thread.

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