Designing the DiRT Rally Xbox One Achievement List

By Dave Horobin, 1 year ago
The latest iteration in the DiRT series, DiRT Rally, is set to release on the Xbox One next week, and to coincide with our exclusive achievement list reveal we had the chance to talk to Codemasters' Senior Games Designer, Darren Hayward, about the thought process that went into putting together the game's achievement list.

There are a few goals that we set ourselves when it comes to creating a list of achievements.

The first is that there should be a broad range of difficulty, with achievements popping early on to reward progress while retaining some more difficult challenges that require a more focused effort on the part of the player as they enter the end game.

The second goal is that there are is variety in the unlock criteria, trying to avoid repetition where possible to keep things interesting down to the final achievement.

The final goal is to have a humorous tone with amusing references and in-jokes that add flavour and share the character and tone of DiRT. We like to think that DiRT has a certain attitude – while we know our onions when it comes to motorsport we try not to take ourselves too seriously. I’m really proud of this list of achievements – I hope they hold up as a record of the journey the development team and community have gone through together.
Darren also shared some behind the scenes information on how eight of the game's achievements got their name:

DiRT RallyWhen Jon Met PaulThe When Jon Met Paul achievement in DiRT Rally worth 26 pointsWin an Event in the Subaru Impreza 1995 with the DiRT 3 livery applied.
You could be fooled into thinking that this was a reference to the Beatles, but it’s actually a tribute to two people who helped shape some of the most crucial aspects of DiRT Rally. Paul is our Chief Games Designer overseeing the entire project by day, but in his free time, and when his budget allows, he’s making calls from the passenger seat of rally driver Jon Tucker. As well as being a real life rally driver, Jon is also a hugely experienced project manager. He worked with the DiRT development team for 12 months, managing our schedules and acting as a fountain of knowledge for our simulation team. I wanted to mark that bromance with an achievement, so to earn When Jon met Paul you’ll need to win an event in their Subaru Impreza 1995 in the DiRT 3 livery.
DiRT RallyI Am the 5%The I Am the 5% achievement in DiRT Rally worth 61 pointsWin a Rally event in headcam.
Back in the day on one of the Racing Studio’s other franchises we had data mining statistics that showed that only 5% of players were using the in-car cameras. Since then we’ve found that there actually a few more of you that would like to lock your view port to head cam and fully immerse yourself in the on-track experience. We’ve added two in-car cameras to DiRT Rally, and this achievement will only unlock when you use them to win an event. Steam players are currently at 11%, I’m hoping that the console audience can show us up even more. wink
DiRT RallyWWGFD?The WWGFD? achievement in DiRT Rally worth 13 pointsUnlock an upgrade for one of your cars.
When DiRT was in its prototype phase and before we launched into Early Access, a community member called Greg Flinchbaugh posted an amazing description of what he loved most about Rally as a motorsport on our Facebook page. Throughout development, we’ve held that mantra up against each feature and asked ourselves What Would Greg Flinchbaugh Do?. We’re in touch with Greg a lot through Twitter and the forums, and I like to think that we’ve managed to capture that feeling he was looking for.
DiRT RallySpirit of the RallyThe Spirit of the Rally achievement in DiRT Rally worth 198 pointsFinish an event after heavily damaging three or more components.
This is a light-hearted award given out at some national rallies for showing grit and determination to finish despite heavy damage or other adverse conditions. In DiRT, you’ll need to finish an event after heavily damaging at least three mechanical components of your car.
DiRT RallyMonster Energy Supercharge AwardThe Monster Energy Supercharge Award achievement in DiRT Rally worth 104 pointsBe first into the first turn in the Final of an FIA World Rallycross Event.
This is another award that we took from real life motorsport, this time World RX. We’ve got a great partnership with World RX, with officially licensed cars and tracks from their premier competition. This is always an exciting moment at the start of a RallyX final so it was a no brainer for us to support it properly in game.
DiRT Rally4The 4 achievement in DiRT Rally worth 16 pointsFully upgrade a vehicle in four different vehicle classes.
It’s not easy keeping a community of DiRT fans engaged in the downtime between games, but we feel like we did a pretty good job of it between DiRT 3 and DiRT Rally. The infamous 4 tweet almost broke Twitter as soon as it was posted, and while it turned out to be a swag competition rather than a full game announce, it showed that the world was more than ready for the next installment in the DiRT series. This achievement celebrates that, popping the 4 when you fully upgrade a vehicle for the fourth time.
DiRT RallyBusiness at the Front...The Business at the Front... achievement in DiRT Rally worth 32 pointsFully upgrade a FWD vehicle.
DiRT Rally...Party at the BackThe ...Party at the Back achievement in DiRT Rally worth 30 pointsFully upgrade a RWD vehicle.
We love a good power mullet on the DiRT Team, and these achievements for upgrading a FWD / RWD vehicle are our way of saying that Liam Doran, Chris Waddle, and 90s era Pat Sharp all rocked it with style.

DiRT Rally will be released on the Xbox One on April 5th.
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
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