XBLA Sales Figures - October

By The Splintercat, 8 years ago
The month of September saw Dead Rising: Case Zero smash the charts and produce the best sales of an XBLA title since Battlefield 1943. You only had to glance at the comments under last month's article to see that its price of 400 MSP (considering it was a franchise lots of gamers recognized) had been a massive selling point. Sales for the game this month have also gone very well. Nowhere near the huge total of 499,683 it sold in September, but it still managed an impressive 62,110, finishing second overall.

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October saw the release of the much anticipated Sonic 4: Episode 1. In the three weeks since its release, the number of gamers who uploaded their scores came to a total of 22,698. Its sales total will be higher, but it is impossible to be exact about the number as gamers only upload their scores when they check the leaderboards themselves. Even taking this into account, it fell way behind the other major titles of October.

Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley, released a week earlier, sold a total of 40,129. Though it has sold a respectable amount, it might have fallen short of the expectations of developers Twisted Pixel, the people behind The Maw and 'Splosion Man.

Supported by impressive reviews, Super Meat Boy stole the show. Its first week sales of 41,415 outsold both Sonic 4's and Comic Jumper's entire monthly sales. Adding a further 21,183 in the final week of October, it came first across the finish line with 62,598 total sales. Price may have played a part here, as upon release it was available for 800 MSP, only to revert back to 1200 MSP in November.

Zen Studios tried something different with Pinball FX 2. Gamers who had the original Pinball FX could simply import all their old tables for no charge, so the game was free. New tables were available for purchase, though, and the game saw sales of 19,394.

Blooper of the month goes to PC port, Dream Chronicles. No real hype or marketing helped this title stumble to a total of 626 sales in the two weeks of its release.

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Released in September, Sonic Adventure broke the 50,000 mark last month, taking its sales to 52,075. So a big congratulations to the former Dreamcast title.