Happy Wars Bounty Hunter Event Now Underway

By Mark Delaney, 1 year ago
If you're still charging the oddly cute battlefields of Happy Wars, the next few days will be very rewarding for you. ToyLogic is running several different events that will take you through this weekend and all the way to next Thursday.

The first event is a special game, Bounty Hunters. A popular mode, Bounty Hunters will be open all weekend long, running now until April 4th at 5 am EST. Here's how it works:
Bounty Hunters has different rules from an ordinary Quick Match. When the match starts, every player becomes a Bounty Hunter and by defeating other players you can increase your bounty. The first team to reach a total bounty of 80.000 points wins.

You can collect some bounty by building towers or destroying the Big Tower, but the real key to victory is to beat other players!

This is a really heated type of match where comebacks are possible until the very last moment. Defeat many other hunters to become the ultimate Bounty Hunter! The stars and score that you can get from Bounty Hunters are up by 50%. This week it will be open through the weekend so let’s collect as much as you can!

Happy Wars Thanksgiving Event 2

Another Rank Up Campaign is live and will remain so until April 6th. This event increases Quick Match and Co-op scores by 30%, giving you the chance to drastically jump up in rank this week.

Lastly, this week's Limited Campaign is the "Super Premium Item Festival!". The chances of you landing a Super Premium Item are now doubled outside of Happy Time. Typically the chances sit at 7%, but until April 6th the chances will be boosted to 14%.

Happy warring!
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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