Homefront: The Revolution Reveals Hearts & Minds and New Ignite Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
In Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios' upcoming Homefront: The Revolution, players will take on the role of freedom fighter Ethan Brady. The goal of the game will be to inspire the people of occupied Philadelphia to rise up and fight back against the military occupation and spark the revolution.

Homefront Screens 01

"Hearts and Minds" is a newly announced feature that showcases players progression in the game. The feature will represent the state of uprising across the "oppressed Yellow Zones" of occupied Philadelphia. The state of uprising will increase as the player performs acts of resistance.

The open world dynamically transforms around the player as Hearts and Minds increases – a once cowed civilian population will join the player in acts of defiance, and the entire Zone will evolve from a state of lockdown to open revolution on the streets.
A new set of screens have been released showcasing the hostile and dangerous environment players will dive into once the game releases:

A new trailer has also been released title "Ignite". See the tough challenges Ethan will face as he fights for freedom:

Homefront: The Revolution is still set to release on May 20th for the Xbox One.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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