The Long Dark's Story Mode Undergoing Some Changes

By Mark Delaney, 1 year ago
The Long Dark was a launch title for Xbox's Game Preview program, and nearly a year later it still sits in that section of the digital store, not yet ready for its full release. Hinterland Studios' debut title, once a Kickstarter favorite, is still being worked on with regards to the survival game's story mode. If you're among those eager to jump into the game's episodic narrative content, you'll definitely want to read the detailed blog post over at the studio's website.

In summation, the small independent team has been trying to ensure the game is exactly as they want it to be, that the launch can be something they can "be proud of for the rest of [their] lives" and that's taken a lot more work than they initially thought it would. The story mode was pushed from "end of 2015" to "spring 2016" to now, 'we're not sure, but we are no longer promising a date and can only promise when it's done it'll be worth the wait'.

In addition to this revised not-until-it's-ready release schedule, the studio also unveiled plans to include more content at the initial launch. Instead of a two hour premiere episode, the launch of the story mode will now consist of two episodes, of the game's planned four, totaling 4-6 hours of gameplay. On top of that, the game's story has evolved to focus on dual protagonists with separate perspectives. Again, the blog post is really a necessary read for anyone who considers themselves a fan of the game or excited about its premise. Head over and read it in full if you'd like.

We went hands on with The Long Dark and came out of it beaten, freezing, and impressed by the game's pull-no-punches approach to gameplay. It really makes you work to stay alive, and survival fans might have a new favorite when the full game does finally launch. It's still available in Game Preview at a reduced price that will cover all current and future season one content.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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