ID@Xbox Heads to EGX Rezzed

By Rebecca Smith,
Microsoft had a fairly large presence at last September's EGX event, including an ID@Xbox stand. As such, it should be of no surprise to find out that ID@Xbox will be present at this weekend's EGX Rezzed event, where indie titles take the spotlight. Amongst the 20 titles that will be available for players to try out, two newly announced titles will be making their debut.

Creature Battle Lab puts players in the shoes of a new laboratory intern under the guidance of the slightly mad Professor Helix. He's the leading authority on genetic creature splicing and he's a dab hand at mixing molecules and experimenting with DNA to create all kinds of weird battle creatures. Create the ultimate creature and become the No.1 ranked creature trainer on the Major League Creature Battling circuit that is full of hazardous arenas.


• 100% player controlled customisation
• 200+ attachments to choose from
• 60+ shapes to morph and blend between
• 30+ patterns to accessorise with
• Unlock and experiment with 64 different skills
• Mix and match abilities to find powerful combos and unique play styles
• Take full control of your creatures in real-time battles
• Unlock and battle in 27 distinct 3D arenas
• Level up your creatures making them stronger, faster and more durable
• Play for a few minutes or hours, it’s up to you

Meanwhile, Lost Words is a platformer and exploration game that tasks players with using words to allow a girl to travel through the pages of her diary. Once the pieces of her story have been pieced together, players will relive the story in an imaginary fantasy land. Certain player choices will also affect the story itself.

If you're going to be in London this weekend and will be attending EGX Rezzed, you'll be able to get your hands on the following titles that will also be making an appearance:

Coffin Dodgers
Dovetail Games Flight School (Win 10)
Gear Gauntlet
Jump Stars
Kingdom: New Lands
Manual Samuel
Raging Justice
Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island
Soul Axiom
Super Dungeon Bros
The Turing Test
Worms W.M.D.

Will you be trying out any of these?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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