Ghost Theory, Another First-Person Horror, Working Toward Xbox One Release

By Mark Delaney, 1 year ago
As a horror fan, the 360's severe lack of scary games to play in the dark was a big issue for me. If you felt the same way, you've probably also noticed that the One has a much more robust offering of horror titles. Another one has been revealed, and it's currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign intended for an Xbox One release, among other platforms.

Ghost Theory is meant to be a serious take on ghost hunting and paranormal investigating. With many different scenarios inspired by real life events all over the world, players will be equipped to deal with them with real-life ghost hunting equipment that can be upgraded throughout the game. Levels will unfold non-linearly allowing players to go right for the objectives or explore areas for the backstory of each haunting. Evidence collection and research will go toward upgrades and improving your subsequent chances at recording indisputable evidence of these spectral beings.

The crowdfunding campaign also plans on including a stretch goal of RPG-like base management mechanics. VR support, naturally, is planned as well.

This trailer features pre-alpha footage of the game and seems to focus more on the haunting itself rather than showing us any investigation gameplay just yet.

The crowdfunding campaign came and went a few months ago, but developer Dreadlocks is hoping a more focused and visible effort will help their cause this time around. The Kickstarter is yet to begin again, but it is scheduled to do so this month.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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