Warframe's Sands Of Inaros Update Launches with Loyalty Bonus

By Devin McIntyre, 1 year ago
About a month ago, Warframe developer Digital Extremes gave us a ton of details about the "Sands Of Inaros" update that would soon be coming to their game.

Today they announced that not only is the update available to players right now, but also those who log into the game between April 8th at 2 p.m. ET and April 15th at 2 p.m. ET will receive the Dex Sybaris, a Lotus-themed lever action rifle that has been described as both elegant and deadly. Additionally, those who missed out on the year one and two bonus items will be gifted them as well, both the Dex Furis and Dex Dakra, each of which will come already equipped with a catalyst and includes a weapon slot.

Along with the release of the new update and the giveaway, Digital Extremes shared a couple more screenshots and a trailer of what can be expected in the update:

As mentioned, the "Sands of Inaros" update is available to players right now.
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Devin McIntyre
Written by Devin McIntyre
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