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By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
The new "Incursions" update making is way to Tom Clancy's The Division is packing an interesting set of additions to the game for those pouring endless amounts of hours into the end game activities. The new Incursion "Falcon Lost" sees agents heading deep underground to clear out an LMB fortress. Two new screens have been released by Ubisoft showcasing the upcoming challenge as agents are swarmed by LMB soldiers and an APC (if you look really closely). The second screen goes the opposite way without any action going on but providing a preview of the layout so we can plan ahead:

We detailed the upcoming patch recently that will be available alongside the free content. In this patch, we discovered that there would be changes to the crafting system in the game. With Ubisoft receiving plenty of feedback in regards to the crafting changes, the development team has decided to clarify on these changes.

The Division is primarily a RPG. As such, gearing up your character is one of the main aspects and incentives to keep playing the game once the story missions are completed and max level is reached.

As part of the End-Game loop, players are expected to obtain their equipment by trying to beat challenging activities, and be rewarded for it. As each player develops and perfects their build, he or she will be looking for very specific items that will contribute to that build. Looking for one specific item can be quite tedious, but it should also feel extremely satisfying when the item is finally acquired.

The way our crafting feature is designed is to offer an alternative for players to temporarily complete their gear, by crafting missing pieces of their level. For End-Game we want crafting and our different in-game economies to provide reliable but slower source of gear compared to loot dropped from named enemies. If after many attempts you could not find said item, you should have acquired enough materials to try to craft something similar instead. It will not replace the item, but you will still be rewarded for your persistence.
With this being said, the team has also summarized the changes being brought to the game with the update:

• Increase drop rates of High-End items on named NPCs (100% drop rate, actually)
• Increase drop rates of Division Tech, to make it less of a bottleneck than it currently is
• Modify loot tables for each named NPC, to make the hunt for loot more controlled
• Increase conversion costs of lower quality materials to high quality ones, making it harder to convert low quality materials into high quality ones
• Decrease construction yields, making it less interesting to farm lower quality items in order to obtain crafting materials, and because you’ll get more High-End items as a whole
• Increase cost of crafting High-End items, because High-End materials will be much easier to come by
• These changes will not only make crafting and dropping more coherent towards each other, but will also make it feel much more fun and rewarding.
Ubisoft took the opportunity to go further into detail with the new DLC and spoke with the game's director, Petter Mannerfelt, about the new Incursion, the update, and how eager agents can prepare themselves for the battles to come:

What content will be available with the Incursions update?

Petter Mannerfelt: In this update we will release content for all players, PvE or PvP, solo or co-op. We will release the first Incursion, Falcon Lost, which is challenging content for advanced groups. Valuable supplies will be dropped in the Dark Zone at random times and locations. The first player to reach them will be the first served. Players will also be able to complete daily and weekly assignments for more rewards. Gear sets with unique bonuses and high-end weapons will be accessible to the best agents, and much more.

What are the gameplay mechanisms of the new Incursion mode?

PM: Incursions are an endgame PvE group activity. Designed for a team of four, they require preparation, cooperation and skill to succeed. In Falcon Lost, the boss is protected by an army of powerful Last Man Battalion soldiers and deadly military assets. As a high-level mission, players will have to find the right strategy to complete an Incursion, and the rewards are well worth the effort.

Incursions adds loot-sharing between players. How does it work, exactly?

PM: The community really wanted to have the ability to share their loot, so we implemented a trading system that lets them do so without adversely affecting the economy of the game. Players can share loot with present members of their group the moment they drop an item from their inventory onto the floor, and the eligible players will be able to pick it up. They can do this up to two hours after the initial drop.

What are the new Dark Zone supply drops?

PM: The new supply drops in the Dark Zone contain highly valuable loot. These supplies will be dropped via air every hour in random Dark Zone locations.

Do supply drops need to be extracted?

PM: Since these supplies originated from outside the Dark Zone, they are not contaminated and don’t need to be extracted.

What kinds of new items are you introducing with this update?

PM: We are introducing three high-end weapons and four top-of-the-line gear sets that fit different gameplay styles: Tactician’s Authority for a support role; Striker’s Battlegear for a damage dealer; Sentry’s Call for snipers; and Path of the Nomad for explorers and solo players.

How many players do Incursions support? Is it still up to four players?

PM: Incursions are designed for teams of four players. They are also accessible by one to three players, but the missions will be very challenging, as enemy difficulty will not be scaled.

Are there checkpoints?

PM: There is a checkpoint at the beginning of the Falcon Lost Incursion.

Is this equivalent to Raids?

PM: Raids are composed of multiple groups, so Incursions are not a raid in the MMO sense. Their difficulty, however, is comparable. Playing Falcon Lost in Challenge Mode will be extremely difficult, and will only be in reach of the best agents, using the right strategy and perfect coordination.

How different will the loot be? Is it different from what you’ll get in normal PvP and PvE?

PM: There will be pieces of the new gear sets in the Incursion and Dark Zone that you can’t find anywhere else. There will also be new items and blueprints from vendors, both in the base of operations and in the Dark Zone.

Is there an incursion rank?

PM: There is no Incursion rank.

In the Incursion, will it just be my group or will there be other players like in the Dark Zone?

PM: You will only see your group while playing the Incursion.
Lastly, but most certainly not least, a new image as emerged via the game's official Twitter account showcasing the four different gear sets agents will get to try out. The "Strikers Battle Gear" is ideal for aggressive agents and includes a whopping 100% critical hit damage bonus. The "Path of the Nomad" is ideal for lone wolves or those who favour health the most as the set offers a couple of health/healing bonuses along with a scavenging bonus. "Tactician's Authority" is ideal for those who haven't forgotten about their electronics stats. Finally, the "Sentry's Call" is a nice set up for those of you who prefer fighting at long-range.

How do you feel about the changes coming to the game? Don't forget that agents must be at Level 30 to be able to attempt the Falcon Lost Incursions.

The update will be available in The Division on April 12th.
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