Skyling: Garden Defense Detailed Announcement

By Fierce, 1 year ago
If Poison Ivy were to become a game developer and decided to remake the '80s classic Q*Bert, you'd probably end up with something that resembles Skyling: Garden Defense. Created as part of the ID@Xbox program, Skyling is developed by a small indie group based out of Seattle, Mighty Studios.

Players are tasked with helping a young girl named Bloom navigate the elevated maze gardens and restore them as a lush utopia all while trying to avoid the pesky monsters that make every attempt to stop her. Wits and strategy will be necessary and by utilizing switches, gates and elevators, Bloom will be able to avoid capture. Mastery is difficult but the game is said to be easy to play. Three garden mazes are available at the start and after the player accomplishes those they are able to switch to any level and complete their objective in any order they wish.

The developers have planted a video and some in-game images to get players excited for the upcoming release.

Bloom sprouts onto Xbox One next week. Skyling: Garden Defense will be available in digital format on April 19th for $4.99 USD or regional equivalent.
Written by Fierce
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