Destiny's April Update Brings Heaps of New Content

By Devin McIntyre, 1 year ago
Developer Bungie has shown continued support for Destiny since its release in 2014, and they look to regularly add new content as seen in the game's April update. This update looks to be a big one, raising the light level up to 335, introducing new strikes as well as a new story mission, upgrading the prison of elders, adding in some new gear and much more.

Bungie listened to their fans when putting this update together in order to give those loyal to the game everything they had hoped for. A brief video has been released showcasing a plethora of changes coming to Destiny:

For those of you who really want to dig into the details of this patch, the full and very, very long list of patch notes can be found on Bungie's site, with a handful of the notable changes below:


• Legendary and Exotic drops from many sources now attempt to drop with Attack or Defense greater than your current character light level

• The following activities and items have been adjusted to include 335 Light items:
- Prison of Elders Passage Challenge Ticket
- Crucible Weekly
- Court of Oryx Tier 3 Artifacts
- Trials of Osiris
- Iron Banner
- Unique Items from the Vanguard Heroic Strike Playlist
- Exotic Engrams
- King's Fall Heroic

• The following activities and items have been adjusted to include 330 Light items:
- Weekly Nightfall Strike
- Faction Packages
- Trials Bounties

• The following activities and items have these changes:
- King's Fall Normal will drop up to 320 Light items
- Prison of Elders Level 41 drops up to 320 Light items
- Legendary Engrams max Light increased to 310
- Rare Engrams max Light increased to 310
- Rare Items (dropped from remaining activities) max Light increased to 310

• Infusion will now grant 100% of the Light from the infused item


Prison of Elders

• New! Prison of Elders Challenge Activity: Challenge of the Elders (Recommended Light 320)
- Elder's Sigil Passage Tickets can be picked up directly from Variks
- Prison of Elders Weekly Bounties have been added and can be picked up from Variks

• New! Added Level 41 Prison of Elders playlist (Recommended Light 260)
- Prison of Elders now has a Level 41 difficulty available, this version has a chance at having Taken enemies

• Combatants within the Prison of Elders will now provide credit towards applicable Vanguard bounty requirements

• Keys are no longer required to open the Prison of Elders chest
- Keys can now be used directly from inventory to provide House of Judgement faction reputation

• Variks' inventory has been updated

PvE Activities:


• Added the following Strikes:
- New! "Blighted Chalice" strike is now available in the normal & heroic strike playlists
- The "Winter's Run" strike now has a Taken variant available in the normal & heroic strike playlist

Weekly Nightfall

• Increased Activity Level of Weekly Nightfall Strike (Recommended 320)

• Eververse drops will no longer replace the normal Nightfall rewards but will be an additional reward when received

King's Fall

• Increased the drop rate of armor and weapons inside the King's Fall raid for both Normal and Heroic difficulties



• The player's Resurrection mechanic has been adjusted:
- Reduced the radius of Resurrection interaction prompt to 1.5 meters (was 2 meters)
- Increased the base time to Resurrect by 0.25 seconds
- Overshield has been adjusted so that it takes precision damage modifiers (previously it did not)
- Reduced Resurrection time bonuses from exotic armor (Crest of Alpha Lupi, Light Beyond Nemesis) to 30% (was 40%)
- Added additional frames of invincibility at the end of the Resurrection animation to make the handoff from locked state to movement more consistent

• Players can now highlight (R-Stick Click) player ghosts, allowing a user to inspect & target emotes at a downed player's ghost


Auto Rifles

• Increased damage per bullet of low Rate-of-Fire Auto Rifles, like Suros Regime, An Answering Chord, Anguish of Drystan (by +2.3%)

• Reduced damage per bullet of high Rate-of-Fire Auto Rifles, like Doctrine of Passing, Arminius-D (by -2.5%)

• Improvement to hip fire accuracy

Pulse Rifles

• Increased damage per bullet of low Rate-of-Fire Pulse Rifles, like The Messenger, Spare Change, Lyudmila-D (by +3%)

Hand Cannons
• Increased Hand Cannon inventory ammo

• Adjusted Hand Cannon ammo stats so that initial spawn and respawn ammo are consistent


• Reduced the total Ammo Inventory for all Shotguns by roughly 5-7 rounds (exact amount depends on a given weapon’s Magazine and Inventory stats)


• Reduced the total Ammo Inventory for all Sniper Rifles by roughly 5-7 rounds (exact amount depends on a given weapon’s Magazine and Inventory stats)

• Increased base zoom distance on the lowest Zoom scopes

• Medium to long range scopes remain untouched

• Added 2 frames of zoom time to sniper zoom

• Reduced Snapshot perk's zoom time benefit to 20% benefit (was 30%)

• Reduced Stability across all Sniper Rifle stats so that re-acquiring a target after firing requires more care

• Zen Moment: Removed perk from all Rare and Uncommon Sniper Rifles

Fusion Rifles

• Increased Stability base stat (40% recoil reduction); this means that lower stability Fusion Rifles will get affected more than higher stability rifles

Machine Guns

• Reduced the total Ammo Inventory for all Machine Guns (exact amount depends on a given weapon’s magazine, rate of fire, and inventory stats)


• Sword Heavy attacks now have improved damage networking



• The following Year 1 Armor Exotics have been converted for Year 2:
- ACD/0 Feedback Fence
- The Glasshouse
- Eternal Warrior
- Khepri's Sting
- Lucky Raspberry
- Sunbreakers
- Purifier Robes



• An additional page of Vault Space has been added to all accounts, bringing the capacity counts up to 108 weapon, 108 armor, and 72 miscellaneous slots

• Mystery Bags can now be previewed before opening to look at the list of potential contents

• Year 1 ships have been added to the Crucible & Vanguard Reputation rank up packages

• Abandoned Quest Kiosk has been added to the Reef

• 12 new Eververse Emotes have been updated to new Spring 2016 Season (northern hemisphere)

• Winter Season Emotes have been moved into a Winter 2015 Emote Mystery Bag

Sterling Treasures

• Players are guaranteed to receive up to three Sterling Treasures per account by doing these actions after the weekly reset:
- Logging a character into the game
- Completing the Level 41 Prison of Elders
- Completing a match in the weekly featured Crucible playlist


• Chroma allows players to customize illumination (White, Yellow, Blue, and Red) on special items

• Chroma can be applied to many armor sets

• Chroma can applied to many weapons


• Players can now adjust their HUD transparency level from the Settings menu

• Roster UI now sorts friends who are signed into a character above players who have not selected a character yet
The April Update 2.20 for Destiny is available for players to download for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 right now.
Devin McIntyre
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