Today Only! Double Everything in SMITE

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
PlayStation problems spell good news for Xbox One players - due to a delayed SMITE patch on the PS4 console, Hi-Rez Studios announced a special, one day only double everything event for today, Thursday April 14th.

Community Manager HiRezAmanda said:

We want to apologize to Console SMITE players for the rough patch week and are rewarding Double Everything (Worshipers/Experience/Favor) to thank you all for your patience!
With everything doubled, there's something for everyone still trying to clean up achievements.

Cash in on the double worshiper bonus if you're still going for the mastery-related achievements:

SMITEDiamonds Are ForeverThe Diamonds Are Forever achievement in SMITE worth 26 points1 god at Mastery 10.
SMITEAdept of MasteryThe Adept of Mastery achievement in SMITE worth 117 points40 Gods Mastered.
SMITEArt of WarThe Art of War achievement in SMITE worth 79 points5 Mastered Warriors.
SMITEAssassin for HireThe Assassin for Hire achievement in SMITE worth 76 points5 Mastered Assassins.
SMITEJoin the HuntThe Join the Hunt achievement in SMITE worth 71 points5 Mastered Hunters.
SMITELove to GuardThe Love to Guard achievement in SMITE worth 78 points5 Mastered Guardians.

Still climbing the rungs to max level? That's where the double experience comes in handy:

SMITEMaxed OutThe Maxed Out achievement in SMITE worth 57 pointsReach Level 30.

Then there's double favor, the in-game currency of SMITE, for those experienced players who just want to save up for a new cosmetic or character emote.

If you're new to the battleground of the gods and goddesses, no problem - check out the comprehensive walkthrough to get started.

And remember, even though the double worshipers and experience are only for today, you can still get double favor all weekend, from April 15th to April 18th .
Credit for this story goes to ParticleDuality
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