DOOM Unleashes Hellish Videos and Details in Advance of the Open Beta

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
The April 15th release of the DOOM open beta is rapidly approaching. Following the announcement of a preload and a short teaser yesterday, today sees more details and three new videos for you to enjoy before you descend onto the battlefield.

Player progression and customization will be a big feature in DOOM and Bethesda revealed today exactly how deep those systems will really be. The game features a traditional level-up system which will allow you to unlock new gear to modify your appearance, including gear and paint for your armor and weapons.

In order to keep the multiplayer experience fresh and fun, DOOM seeks to be a little different in how you level up. Not only do you get experience for winning a game, you get experience for playing - getting kills and completing objectives. The better you do on your team, the more XP you earn to get those coveted armor pieces. The game also features a prestige system, called Echelons, similar to other games with one important distinction - unlocks are not lost when you move up to a new Echelon.

DOOM boasts nearly 300 different customization items across five themes, 90 paint colors, and 50 paint patterns to keep things personal. With that many options, Bethesda hopes you'll be able to find the perfect individual look that will keep you fashionable, but deadly. If you're feeling particularly risky, you can also have your gear randomly selected.

The game also features unlockables that affect the gameplay in the form of Hack Modules and Equipment. Hack Modules are consumable powerups that give you a small bonus such as increased speed or better tactical knowledge in your UI. You'll get two for every match you complete absolutely free of charge. But don't think you can save them up - you can only equip 4 before each match so there's incentive to keep using them every match if needed - just beware, if you use them, they're gone. Equipment comes in the form of a single special item you equip before a match. This item can be anything from a special type of grenade to a shield. The item slowly recharges after you use it, but death will reset the cooldown to ensure you always have the means to get back into the fray.

Finally, there are over 125 taunts you can equip to your marine.

You can check all of this out in the video below.

Next is a time-lapse video detailing how the art was created for the special reverse sleeve. It's a piece of art with a retro-inspired DOOM theme. If you're interested and watching the artist work, take a look at the video.

Finally, Bethesda has released an extended preview detailing everything discussed above plus a ton of gameplay from the upcoming beta. If you're interested in the game, you owe it to yourself to take a look.

The beta begins on April 15th and will last until April 18th. DOOM is set to release worldwide on May 13th.
Kevin Tavore
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