Super Dungeon Bros Trailer Showcases The Bros

By Donyea Cooley-White, 1 year ago
A new trailer has surfaced for the upcoming rock-themed dungeon brawler, Super Dungeon Bros.

The new trailer shows off the four main playable characters: Axl, Ozzie, Freddie, and Lars. Check out the video below along with more information on each character.

Axl (Blue) AKA: The Tough One

Personality: Tough & serious

Axl is the muscle of the group and isn’t afraid to remind everyone. A ‘fight first, ask questions never’ type of guy, Axl will get the job done. Just as long as a huge piles of Bonie bones and A LOT of property damage is not an issue.

Ozzie (Green) AKA: The Smart One

Personality: Never Serious / Prankster / Planner

Ozzie is a genius. It's just a shame that his genius is used for causing mischief and mayhem on an unbelievable scale rather than making Rökheim a better place. There is a fine line between genius and insanity; we’re just not sure what side of the line Ozzie is on.

Freddie (Red) AKA: The Crazy One

Personality: Crazy / not bright

You know that guy in a group of friends that does the stupidest and most insane things because they believe it could be funny, even if no one else will? Freddie is that guy. To say he is dumber than a bag of rocks would be an insult to rocks.

Lars (Yellow) AKA: The Quiet One

Personality: Ladies man & socially awkward

Lars believes himself to be quite the ladies’ man within the group. It is a shame that he becomes crippling incoherent once he starts talking to the opposite sex. Still, at least he has the completely unrealistic goal of trying to hook up with the queen of Chillheim to fall back on.

Super Dungeon Bros is scheduled to release on Xbox One via ID@Xbox this Summer.
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