Battle Ages Revealed and Dated

By Kevin Tavore,
DR Studios has done it again. After successfully launching Battle Islands last October, the next game in their line of empire builders is primed to release shortly.

This is Battle Ages. DR Studios promises players an exciting experience as they rule their empire from the Neolithic period up through the American Civil War in the 1860s. Inspired by classic PC empire builders, your goal is to create a society to stand the test of time. The name of the game is building, expanding, and dominating your enemy to gain new resources and technologies.

War is a multiplayer experience. You'll do battle against other players as you rise through the ages. To aid you, you'll be able to build many troops from simple barbarians to trebuchets all the way to industrial train mortars. DR Studios promise that they have focused on realism for this game, which means you won't see any units that are not appropriate for your era. This means no laser troopers...yet.

If you're thinking the Civil War just doesn't seem futuristic enough, you're in luck. DR Studios plans to provide constant updates to the game, including new ages. Soon enough you'll be able to fight grim battles in World War I and experience the tension of the Cold War yourself.

You'll no doubt be happy to know that the game is free and will be releasing next Wednesday, April 20. If you want to start preparing for battle now, you can pre-order the game on Xbox One.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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