Alien: Isolation Table for Pinball FX2 Revealed

By Fierce, 1 year ago
From the tail end of last week's "Aliens vs. Pinball" DLC reveal for Pinball FX2, Zen Studios is introducing a first look at the upcoming Alien: Isolation table that will be included with the upcoming Alien themed three pack to be released next week.

Amanda Ripley, daughter of the missing Ellen Ripley, sets out on a journey to find what has happened to her mother only to come face-to-face with an extraterrestrial nightmare. The table is said to feature elements straight from 2014's survival horror hit, Alien: Isolation including “Working Joe” androids, Station Security Guards, and of course the very lovable and misunderstood Xenomorph that lurks about the ship. The video provided allows for a closer look at how terrifying pinball can get.

You can further heighten your xenophobia of Xenomorphs when the "Aliens vs. Pinball" DLC releases on April 26th.
Written by Fierce
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