Naughty Bear Chapter 10 DLC

By Rebecca Smith,
505 Games and Behaviour today announced the arrival of the DLC "Chapter 10" for Naughty Bear. The new DLC features Naughty Bear facing an "onslaught of mystical creatures intent on taking over the island":

After Stardust summons a vampire hoard to the island, lead by the legendary and terrifying Vampiricorn, the throng of blood-sucking bears start the hunt for Naughty Bear to suck his fluff. Fright your way through a beariffic new story, disguise yourself with new costumes and bring an end to the un-dead with the terrifyingly new Vicious Vampire Claw!

4 new multiplayer modes offer plenty of defluffication:

Left 4 Ted: Zombear Horde!!!! The bears must do what they can to stay alive against a Zombear invasion. Can you stay alive long enough to win the game?

Defluffication: Defluff other players with any weapon you like to rack up points in this sweet and simple deathmatch mode!

Dancing King: A mystical Unibear appears at a random location Find him, get close to him and don’t let anyone else near. The player who dances with the Unibear longest wins!

Vampicorn: Elimination match where each player has limited lives and constantly depleting health, which can only be stopped by attacking, hurting and killing the competition. Last vampire-bear standing wins.
505 Games also released a trailer for the DLC:

The DLC is available now in the US and will be released in Europe on December 1st; it will cost 800 MSP.

We've got the full list of Naughty Bear achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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