Armello Coming To Xbox One

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
Developer League Of Geeks have announced that their game Armello will be making its way to Xbox One. For those unaware of the game, Armello is a digital board game in which you play as a heroic animal who journeys to the palace of the lion king - no, not THAT lion king - who has been been corrupted by an evil force known as Rot. To give you an idea of what exactly that looks like, here's the game's launch trailer from when the game originally released on PC and PS4.

The Xbox One version will come with the months of improvements, updates and additions that have been added since the initial release. As well as all that, the Xbox One release will coincide with the release of the game's first paid DLC, which will be four new heroes.

The first of these heroes revealed is Elyssia, the Wardress of Warrens, a master builder from the Rabbit Clan. Her unique ability allows her fortify any settlement by erecting walls where she ends her turn on. These walls will make it doubly difficult for other heroes to stand on the same tile and Elyssia will receive a defensive bonus.

Elyssia character from Armello

The identities of the other three heroes will be revealed as the release date approaches. Speaking of which, Armello is set to arrive on Xbox One in Q3 2016.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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