Ark: Survival Evolved Adds Direbears, Mantas, and Boss Arena

By Donyea Cooley-White, 1 year ago
Ark: Survival Evolved is adding two new creatures and a brand new boss arena for the Broodmother.

The two new creatures are the Direbear and Manta. One is a reliable land mount with unexpected speed and imposing strength, the other is quick underwater. While the Manta isn't the fastest water mount, it can be ridden without a saddle and packs a strong jumping attack.

Arctodus Dirus: Found primarily among the Island's mountain and tundra regions, Arctodus Dirus is an imposing creature. Commonly known as a Direbear, it is both enormous in size and territorial by nature. It ignores most non-hostile creatures while going about its daily routine of scavenging for meat and edible plant life. That is until intruders enter the territory it considers its own at which point it viciously attacks. Most often it is smartest to just run from an angry Direbear. Once tamed the Direbear is a strong and reliable mount.
Manta Mobula: Known simply as Manta, this water creature appears to be a saltwater ray, but it has developed the ability to also swim into the Island's rivers and shallows, as well as through the open ocean. Normally docile, the Manta Mobula is a carnivore only in that it consumes plankton. While not the fastest swimmer around the island Manta Mobula is among the deadliest of small ocean mounts and can be ridden bare-back. Tribes who value striking power over speed often keep large schools of Manta to ride. Its capability to briefly leap out of water provides it a showy tactic for avoiding combat as well. Fortunately Manta Mobula is usually not aggressive, unless encroached

The third large addition is a new boss arena for the Broodmother. Currently the only boss implemented in the Xbox One version, the Broodmother is a very large spider boss. This new arena takes players into a web-filled cave in an attempt to defeat the boss in its own territory.

This update is now available for the PC. If history is any indication, Xbox One players should be receiving the new additions in a matter of weeks.
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