Book of Demons Heading to Xbox One

By Lexley Ford, 1 year ago
Thing Trunk has announced that their upcoming PC action-RPG, Book of Demons, will now be heading to the Xbox One as a console exclusive. Book of Demons is a humorous, deck-building hack and slash adventure game, that will task players with saving the Paperverse from total destruction. This isn't your usual action-RPG though, as stats are replaced by skill cards, and the player can choose the length of their quests.

What makes Book of Demons differ from the usual action-RPG is the title's character development mechanic; instead of the usual array of stats that we are accustomed to, players will need to collect, upgrade and combine their skill cards in order to build their own decks of powers. Of course, players won't be able to rely on just one build and will have to “constantly come up with new strategies and implement regular adjustments” to their deck.

Book of Demons also gives player the ability to select the length of each quest, meaning they can “choose if they would like to embark on a longer, more epic journey” or take on a shorter 5-minute mission. These shorter missions are not necessarily easier, thanks to the game's Flexiscope system, players will “always experience the same intensity of gameplay”, no matter the length of quest they choose to venture out on.   

In order to save the Paperverse, players will need to explore procedurally generated dungeons, confront over 70 different varieties of monsters and defeat a vast array of boss creatures, including the “nasty Archdemon”. Thanks to a Freeplay mode, players will also have the opportunity to replay and master their favourite quests and take on the more challenging difficulty levels.

Book of Demons will be available on Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program, though a release date has yet to be announced.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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