YIIK's Trippy New Trailer Shows Off the Upcoming 'Postmodern' RPG

By Chanse Wareham, 1 year ago
Ready for a Japanese style RPG set in the 1990's featuring a mysterious disappearance and the possible end of the world?

Sure you are.

Developer Ackk Studios has released a new trailer for YIIK putting the eye-catching imagery front and center.

Main elements of the game as described by the developer include:

Key Features:
- 25 Hour Japanese RPG style campaign!

- Journey in the late 90’s, on the eve of the world’s end, in this surreal RPG experience.

- Unique combat that blends action based moves, with turn based combat.

- Fight complex and epic battles featuring up to eight party members.

- Explore and solve six unique dungeons filled with puzzles and traps!

- Fully voiced acted campaign featuring voices by Chris Niosi(Kirbopher/Disgaea 5), Clifford Chapin(Attack on Titan), Andrew Fayette (Yuri of Wind), and many more!

- Expansive soundtrack including works by Andrew Allanson(Two Brothers), Calum Bowen(Lovely Planet), Toby Fox(Undertale), Hiroki Kikuta(Secret of Mana), and many more!
YIIK will be coming to Xbox One after a wider release on other platforms this Summer, no specific date for the Xbox One release is known at this time.
Chanse Wareham
Written by Chanse Wareham
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