Dungeon Punks Revealed

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
Four years ago, Hyper Awesome Entertainment sat down and asked a question - how do you make the most fun side-scrolling brawler of all time? Today, they believe they're ready to give us the answer.

Dungeon Punks takes that classic brawler formula many of us grew up playing as kids and gives it a twist. The game still has tons of bad guys for you to slaughter on your way through the story, but it mixes in RPG elements and the combat mechanics of great tag-team fighting games. Instead of simply mashing cn_A to a victory, players will perform combos and tag allies in and out. Characters are also equipped with tactical magical skills and a unique dodge move. The mix should result in a game that is both tactical and challenging on top of being very fun.

Hyper Awesome Entertainment believes the tag-team aspect is what gives this game its magic. You can begin a combo by performing a whirlwind with the Tempest Knight and swap to the Were-Witch in the middle to take advantage of the enemies who are caught in the whirlwind. The player can switch between up to six characters at any time, or you can invite over some friends to play split-screen co-op. Speaking of heroes, there are six characters; each is brimming with their own unique style and approach to combat. This should serve to keep things fresh and expand the options you have in combat.

The reveal trailer can be found below. It promises fast action, furious spells, and total mayhem. Of course, the video alone doesn't do the feature list justice:

• Old-school arcade brawler fun with modern RPG mechanics
• Unleash mayhem by casting a wide variety of magical spells and team attacks
• Tag-team combat system lets you play as two characters, each with unique moves and equipment
• Work together to survive as a team with up to three-player cooperative play
• Unlock, customize and master each character’s unique set of attacks
• Wield many rare and magical weapons
• Discover hidden power-up items, from enchantment elixirs to dragon summoning scrolls
• Explore the vast world and meet each location’s unusual inhabitants
• Go off the beaten track to accomplish missions for friends you meet along the way
• Defeat and ride powerful creatures like saber tooth cats, gorillas, and unicorns
• Highly interactive environment that lets you rain destruction on your foes (Maybe light a few dryads on fire, throw a bomb into the mix, and see what happens…)
• Enjoy the darkly humorous storyline as you navigate a world of medieval fantasy where magic has taken the place of technology and the resurrection insurance industry has run amok!

Dungeon Punks is currently slated for a Summer 2016 release on Xbox One.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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