SMITE 3.6 Patch Notes: "Escape from the Underworld"

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Attention SMITE players: prepare for a new patch, arriving Tuesday, April 26th at 7 a.m. EDT.

Hi-Rez Studios has released a video for a brief overview. We've included shots of the new god, skins and event details below, but there's so much more besides that, so click here to check out the full patch notes.

Some highlights are the new god Jing Wei, an event spanning two patches called "Escape from the Underworld" which will include a new game mode that puts a spin on Arena, 60 FPS as the default for all players (this was previously just being tested and was optional), six new skins, and yes, six new achievements.

New goddess, Jing Wei, due out April 26th.New goddess, Jing Wei, due out April 26th.

Jing Wei: The Oathkeeper

Passive : Rapid Reincarnation
When exiting the fountain, Jing Wei prepares for takeoff and then ascends into the sky, allowing her to fly over obstacles at an increased speed.
Duration: 5s.

Persistent Gust
Jing Wei creates a gust of wind that deals (90/140/190/240/290 +90% of your Physical Power) damage and knocks up enemies when summoned. The gust persists for 6s and continues to knock up and deal additional (10/20/30/40/50 +5% of your Physical Power) damage to enemies every 1s. If Jing Wei walks onto the area, she is knocked up and gains an attack speed buff for 5s. Cost: 70/75/80/85/90. Cooldown: 14s.

Explosive Bolts
Jing Wei loads her crossbow with explosive bolts that augment her next 3 Basic Attacks. These attacks are wider, have increased critical chance, and deal area of effect damage. Cost: 70. Cooldown: 16s.
Critical Chance: 5/10/15/20/25%.
Attack Speed Buff: 25%.

Jing Wei dashes straight forward. She may use this ability while mid-air for a longer range dash and a 5s immunity to basic attack movement penalties. Cost: 75. Cooldown 20/18/16/14/12s.

Air Strike
Jing Wei channels briefly before taking to the sky. She then flies forward and upward while covering the area below her in explosions that damage (200/280/360/420/500 +100% of your Physical Power) all enemies in the area. After her attack, she hovers for up to 2s before landing at a ground target location. Cost: 100/110/120/130/140. Cooldown: 90s.

New god skins, first to last: Pandamonium Odin, Grim Horseman Guan Yu, Grim Wraith Hades, Worldweaver Neith, Rakshasa Vamana, Reborn Jing Wei

Escape From The Underworld Event

Underworld Arena
New Visuals for the Arena Mode.
Bonus Round
At the end of an Arena Match, players will be sent to the center of the map and surrounded by lava where they will fight until only one remains. The winning team of this Bonus Round will gain additional worshipers.
Winning or losing the bonus round will not affect the normal outcome of the Arena match.
Event Quests

During the Underworld Event, players will receive quests that will guide them in their escape from the Underworld. These quests will provide rewards like the Trapped Icon and From the Nether Music Theme, which count towards the Underworld Collection bonus for a free skin unlock.
Note that the quests rotate, and each quest is only available for a limited time! Be sure not to miss the first quest if you want all of the items!

New Items
Grim Wraith Hades
Grim Horseman Guan Yu
Underworld Loading Frame
From the Nether Music Theme
Trapped Icon

Next Update
The Underworld event spans two patches. The final items will be released in the next patch, 3.7.
This patch was preceded by patch 3.5 earlier this month. And remember, "Escape the Underworld" is ongoing through two patches, so who knows what goodies next patch 3.7 will bring?
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