ARK: Survival Evolved Gets Delayed, Adds Mod Content To Xbox

By Donyea Cooley-White, 1 year ago
Fans patiently waiting for Studio Wildcard's hit dino game, Ark: Survival Evolved, will have to wait a little longer. The developers have been very busy dealing with lawsuits and now the new announcement of a mod program enters the mix.

The official mod program will see the best community mods and maps to be added as official content on the Xbox One. The first new map will launch this May and is titled The Center. This map doubles the size of the current ARK map and adds new biomes, dungeon, floating islands, massive ancient ruins, and much more. Primitive Plus on the other hand is a server type that focuses on primitive survival. Players will have to primarily utilize wood and stone without the benefit of advanced metals. Primitive Plus will be available later this summer and both are set to be free of charge.

But with the good, there's always some bad. With all of these new additions and the success of ARK, Studio Wildcard has delayed the title until Holiday 2016. Jesse Rapczak, co-founder and co-creative director at Studio Wildcard, said:

ARK’s success has increased our content goals and Early Access players have helped us raise our ambitions with their invaluable feedback. When we first announced, we said 70 dinos, now we’ll have over 100. We never anticipated adding modding, local multiplayer, split screen, or numerous other upcoming features. The game at launch will be far more robust than originally conceived, but it takes a little extra time to wrap it all up.
It was also revealed that ARK: Survival Evolved has sold over one million copies on Xbox One since its launch in December 2015. A huge achievement for a Game Preview title no doubt, let us just hope it does not fall into the never-ending early access cycle.
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